Marty from Port San Luis - Big Thank You




Fri Nov 30 10:31:37 2007 UTC - 40 57.08 S - 49 29.46 W


We have today a beautiful day, there’s little wind, but in a few days we will come out of the zone of changeable winds and perhaps then we will move briskly in the direction of Horn, which I hope, will behave decently and will greet us like a good host, and then the restrained polite half will push us into the Pacific. I could eat some fish soup and fresh fish from the frying pan, yesterday I threw out the bait, and now all I have to do is ask Mother Ocean for a fat, not too large fish. Wacek finally let me take off his outfit, it got warm temporarily, now he looks in its direction with hungry eyes, as if saying “this is mine”. Luka with a clean bottom sails faster now, we’re going 2 knots at a very stable wind, previously we sailed 0.5 knot.


Thu Nov 29 14:06:13 2007 UTC - 40 52.52 S - 48 36.17 W


The last two days we spent very effectively, especially when you compare them with the previous weeks of loafing of solitary navigation. Mother Ocean gave us not only that one day without wind and wave, but knowing better why it was necessary, she gave us one more and this one with a definite goal in mind. The first day I wasted a few hours before I realized that it’s really calm and I can dive. Around midday I started to get the gear ready, the wet suit and a little 5 liter oxygen bottle for the quick inspections of the bottom of the yacht. When, however I saw the underbrush on Luka’s naturally smooth tummy, instead of inspection I rushed at the greatest bushes with a paint scraper. They flew down like great pieces of snow, and looking at how they fall in the sapphire abyss, I wondered how deep it was here, perhaps a few kilometers of water, I felt uneasy and so I turned my eyesight in the direction of the bushes, they were right before my nose, I could touch them. Before I really got to work good, the air ran out, and I could only work on the ones at the surface. Diving numerous times, I cleaned the propeller and this was the end of my resistance. I was getting colder and colder, I felt that I was slowing down and should get out of the water. With trouble I pulled my 150kg body along a thin, bending ladder, set up for the cruise. Normally on the stern we have a better platform for diving, but it was taken off because of auto-steering which however at the beginning of the cruise fell apart and lost the steering fin. I somehow climbed up, then for about an hour I was warming up in the sun sipping hot tea mixed with alcohol. Generator also didn’t provide me with peace, the water was running out. After consultation with Marti, my psychoanalyst for the problems of mechanical nature, which lately we have many, I built a bypass and I passed by the leaking pump. I dismounted the thermostat in order to lower the water temperature in the system and I turned on the little electric pump. Now the generator has its “mechanical kidney” which does not permit it to overheat and it waits for grafting of a new one... Hehe. When I checked the weather this evening and I saw that we will have still another calm day, I put together a new plan. The next day I got ready the little electric compressor made especially for shallow diving, you breathe through a tube ending in a reducer. I ran a bulky cable all around Luka’s underbelly, I started from beak, and holding the cables with one arm, I tore at the bushes with the other. The flaw of this method is that from time to time I had to take off the fins, enter the deck and move the line, but at least the cable held me in place, I moved with the yacht, and I did not have to put on the 25kg girdle with lead, without which in another situation I might not be able to dive. After midday we were already at the propeller, and here I found out why Mother Ocean gave us this extra day. When I totally cleaned the roller, it turned out that when I recently had to unscrew it and push it half-a-meter to the outside, in order to get to the transmission, somehow along with it came the rubber part of a funnel, which fulfils the roles of a rived-bed supporting the roller at the end of the tunnel from which it goes out. I got out of the water and like a drowning man seizing a razor; I thought that if it so easily came out, then I can somehow push it back in. I cut out from a bit of thin plywood a fork with a diameter of the roller, I returned to water and turning the propeller I tried to push the rubber back in. With great relief I saw that it twitched and slowly moved into the brassy funnel, I felt relief and sighed so deep, that the reducer whistled. After a half hour of prayers and packing, the rubber part of the funnel returned to its place, and the beauty of life returned to me, I even started to look around to see what else I could fix. Once more I went on deck after safely attaching the roller and before electrolysis and I screwed on the roller wide zinc egg, right at the outlet of the tunnel, locking in this manner for good the rubber funnels. If I hadn’t pushed the rubber back in, it would probably have came out entirely and then the roller, not supported by anything at the end would probably twist and it could have broken the tunnel etc... In an optimistic scenario we would again not have the engine, the worst might end with a hole ... The propeller is only about a few centimeters distant from the bottom of the yacht ...Someone is watching over us ...


Wed Nov 28 10:03:41 2007 UTC - 40 29.30 S - 48 45.31 W


Postcards with information that we need a flat sea finally reached the Receiver, yesterday it started with a dying wind and a dead wave. Around midday it became quiet and the wind really started dying. Preparations of diving gear took about an hour and when I finally dove and saw the bottom of the yacht, I almost experienced a nervous shock. A jungle of 20cm long stems ending with little shells grew like islands on half of the surface. Mother Ocean perhaps knew that one day was not enough to get rid of so much weed so she gave us two calm and warm days. The sea smells great, on the horizon there hovers a light haze; it’s the sun heating the cold surface of the sea and treating us to the gorgeous smell of ocean inhaler.


Tue Nov 27 10:40:33 2007 UTC - 40 13.37 S - 49 18.22 W


Wind is quiet, if only the wave indeed died ...
Maybe the postcard of smooth sea which I have been sending for a few days now, finally reached Neptune. Yesterday I finally remade the fresh water system. Container on the stern is now combined with a small foot pump in the bathroom, and container of 150 L under my sleeping-berth is connected with the electric pump and tap in the kitchen. The work was bothersome, it rocked us yesterday like on a swing, and it was necessary to take up half of the floor in the corridor, and beforehand I had to unscrew the seat at the navigational table, and a few other things. When in the end I did all that, and I tried to turn on the aggregate in order to make some fresh water, it turned out that the generator pump, which only leaked before, now was deathly blocked, and the wedge belt slides in it and squeaks like the whistle of steam hooter. If not for this new obstacle I would merely add waters to the heat exchanger and the aggregate would work, now I either have to invent something, or I have to load up 1.5 KM (can someone write how much 1.5KM will be in KW exactly?) the electric engine moves the desalting device somehow differently, maybe inverter will suffice, we have two great alternators in the main engine. The show goes on ...


Mon Nov 26 10:27:09 2007 UTC - 40 5.69 S - 49 24.60 W


It’s becoming cold, in the morning the wind started to quiet down, tonight it should turn, and maybe it will permit us to near the coast. Wacek likes his new outfit so much that any attempt to pat him he takes as assault on his clothes and growls fiercely. Besides that we are terribly overgrown, I can’t believe it. I cleaned the whole trunk right before we sailed by the Cape of Good Hope, and already after two and a half months it is twice or three times worse. I will definitely have to enter the water, although I will do this very reluctantly. The water is becoming colder and it will be dangerous if I won’t have at least a few hours without waves. Actually if I can’t have at least a half a day without waves, I won’t do it at all, because the yacht moving on the wave can hit me in the head under water and thereon the whole entertainment will end. In the meantime we’re imagining a smooth sea and a few times daily I send postcards to „The One Who deals the cards ...”


Sun Nov 25 14:38:35 2007 UTC - 39 27.20 S - 49 8.29 W

At night there was again a little rollercoaster, but we woke up full of vigor and ready to face the day. Wacek won’t let me take off his new clothing for anything, I would have to risk having my finger bitten off. For a few days now, like importunate bird, come to me thoughts connected with prayer and with "bleeding”. I have to throw them off here; otherwise I will not get rid of them. I think I glimpsed why most prayers directed to the endlessly generous God, come back to us unanswered, but along the way it is necessary to deal with the concept of good and evil, and call onto one of the universal laws. When we finally outgrow this embarrassing nonsense about infernal hell, the devil, and his friends, we come before the not muddied by anything picture of the Omnipotent God. The God that is everything and who created everything. All that exists, has existed and will exist, comes from Him, all things defined as good, and also those which we call bad. Relativity of our world relies thereon that a thing can exist only relative to another thing, e.g.; If only roses existed in the world, nobody would be aware of their beauty and smell, they would exist as something indefinite, something without a name. Therefore Wise God created opposites.
He gave the rose a smelly weed, to the weed he gave roses, so that they could “see” each other, and to us, in His grace, he gave the possibility of experiencing which flower we will like more .
If only good things existed in the world, we would not be able to realize that they are good. „Good” can only exist where there is also „bad”.
Besides , if we look at this weed closely, it might turn out that it is not so ugly, it also has yellow flowers, and in the frame of the position; „each monster will find its amateur” there will be people for whom the original beauty of the weed will be more intriguing than the charm of the overly sweet rose.
Two persons looking at the same thing, can give altogether different opinions about it. For John, the hardly touched by fire, bloody steak will be something good and very tasty (I share John’s opinion), for Jarosz such bleeding bit of meat will seem as something bad and abominable, etc ... The death of Mr. R. in a car accident, leading to the use of his body parts after death, will be a tragedy and explosion of pain for his wife and family, but for the dying because of kidney failure Mr. K. and his family, the same death can be a good thing and the cause of happiness. If we could for a moment take away the prism of the incessantly thrown at us schemas, we could look at the world without the filter of arrogance, and we would see that good and evil are only relative concepts which subjectively we deal with in our world.

Wise God, like an ideal engineer, created the world composed of mutually interconnected bases. One of the main universal laws is that „like attracts the like”. In practice this is evident in that if I will concentrate on affairs which worry me or think about what scares me, then consciously or not, I produce the definite type of energy which attracts into my life more of the like, meaning new worries and new fear.
Our proverbs speak unceremoniously about the visible consequences of this accordance. - - - „Unhappiness comes in pairs", or (my favorite) „The Poor always has wind in his eyes and d…ck in his a..s, and for the rich even the bull will have a baby cow ”, „One unhappiness draws with itself a second .. ”, „don't cry wolf ” and many others.

Now, when we already discovered the relativity of the concepts of „good” and „evil” and also the fact that both , like everything in the world, were shaped by the same Hand, it’s time for the next good news..
Absolutely Ideal God, created folks in his image and likeness. He created us exactly how He wanted us, tiny copies of Himself.
He loves us unconditionally, because if he rejected one of us, He would be rejecting Himself. Without exception He fulfils all our requests, provided however that we know how to show them intelligibly.
If it wasn’t so, Hitler would never have risen to power, there would be no Auschwitz and Siberian gulags, and virtuous Benek from Wachocka who all his life prayed the loudest in church would become cardinal, he would have yellow rings on his fingers and peacocks in his garden-plot.
Each prayer is heard, but most of them not only do not bring about the desired effect, but it happens that they bring on more confusion, because voicing out that we want something, we contribute to bringing into being into our reality this experience – wanting.
The request itself is the statement of the state of things- so lack of something. If moreover we throw into the bargain the support of thought – so imagining a collector knocking on the door, empty pot, ourselves ill in bed, or healthy and alive eternally mother-in-law, then this is indeed what we ask ...
The words of prayer should be a copy of our thoughts, which together with prayer we direct to God, it’s this fervent thought, or covert feeling under the words that is the main spring .. ..
Effective prayer should sound like a vivid description of connected to it images of our desires. When we will quiet down and open to the feeling of unity which He incessantly sends to us and we pray e.g.; about our own health, then together with words of prayer we direct to Him also thoughts imagining ourselves only healthy and happy.
When we ask about our own house, let's adjoin to the words of prayer the created in our imagination picture of our ideal home, with rooms, curtains and with everything that we desire in it. (Best without a big mortgage) The more details in this “picture” the better we will „build” it for ourselves.. ..
There are no requests too little, or too big, all are fulfilled, therefore we must understand what we are really asking in any given moment, and learn the ability to control our thoughts, as we control expressed words. There is no need to fear that we bother Him with silly requests.

Extremely wise God created for Himself an infinite number of helpers- the Universal Laws, which incessantly „listen” and react to our every action, word and thought.

However, the highest form of understanding the Divine nature is prayer of thanks. When you thank God in advance for what from your own choice you desire to experience, you ascertain that it already is and then the whole world, Allah, Yahwa, causative force, nature, God has many „faces”, acting on the basis of created by Him law of „cause and consequence”, and you immediately create that something for yourself. Amen.





Sat Nov 24 14:54:21 2007 UTC - 38 35.35 S - 49 0.59 W


At night the wind turned to south west and it blows about 7, we’re going like a turtle against the wind with marching foresail and mizzen-mast. It tosses us like on a wooden rollocoaster, waves are altogether hellish today, and they hit the deck with a bang, even though nobody invited them here. At least I won’t have to clean up Wacek’s mines. It got cold, nature did not give officer Wacek solid fur and he shook today like jelly, so I clad him in a shapely uniform with Mexican threads and the shaking ceased. Alas, he lost the look of a marine wolf; he now looks like a trallop in dots.



Fri Nov 23 13:55:41 2007 UTC - 37 39.87 S - 48 34.74 W


For two days now the wind treats us decently, we could go with it in the direction of Horn, but we are situated in a neighborhood which often remains between areas of low pressure, and the wind here has mood swings like a menstruating woman.
It blows from all sides, suddenly changes direction, or from an enchanting 4, without warning and introductory game changes into a gray from irritation 9.
Closer to the coast the wind should be more stable. When it comes to technical affairs there’s relative calmness, after consultation with Marti it turned out that this time it was I that messed up. I poured too much oil into the transmission, and this kind of transposition does not like it when you overfeed it and it spits out the excess.
Even though on the stick for checking the oil level there’s distinctly marked max line, and even higher for dummies, there is noted DO NOT OVERFILL, which means “don't pour more you idiot" , in spite of this, in my genius, I poured in much more oil, naively thinking that the excess will fill new cooler, and then I did not check on that thought.
Promising improvement, I made a new cooler using a heat exchanger which I dismounted from the warm water boiler. Besides electric warmers, it also had options of warming hot water from the cooling engine system.
I took the exchanger from the boiler, emptied it, and in the place where previously it was connected to the hose with antifreeze, I connected the hose directing oil from the transmission. I put that in 30 L container of water, to which I connected a hose with a valve regulating the flow of cold water from over the ship's side. The system is not ideal, but I hope that it will cool the oil ...
Yesterday I bent over ship's side and saw that we are terribly overgrown.
This time besides a half-a-meter wide beard of shells around the whole yacht, we are also dragging a green carpet of seaweeds. We became a floating reef, I am certain that in these seaweeds hides a whole marine zoo, I sometimes see little and greater fish sailing out from under the stern, when I throw out the remainders of food over ship's side. I have to get rid of this company, we’re sailing decisively slower, and I have the impression that we’re incessantly towing something. On Cape Horn we can expect opposite current and wind in the eyes, the yacht’s sides for this date have to be smooth like a baby’s bottom. With this beard of shells and green carpet we will only be able to sail half-winds, we can sail to the Antarctic and then return to the same place.
We now wait for a calm day, without wind and dead wave, diving under a swinging yacht can end badly. I hope that I will have the occasion soon, we’re gradually moving south, and it’s becoming colder......


DAY 261

Thu Nov 22 10:34:55 2007 UTC - 37 1.13 S - 46 55.89 W


Again “down”, again dragons on deck, again this “d ... mn” gasket leaks, and transmission overheats. Before passing Horn against wind and current, I have to have a working engine, otherwise I will lose my most important asset in this round; the ability to dodge. Otherwise what would remain is only to put out the mouth in the way of the coming fist of the giant, without the possibility of protecting the throat...

 I do not intend to be a hero, at least not for such reason. I still have to take all this apart, take out the zimering and somehow seal it better, and then figure out a more effective oil coolant. How beautiful life would be now, if we were passing Horn from west to east along with the wind and current, like a normal, wise man would do. From west to east one can only sail too quickly, but then it suffices to throw over the stern some cables, with something at the end...

 We will have to somehow go against the wind and current which will be backing us down, and Luka is almost five meters around the hips and “climbs up” reluctantly.
 Thanks to Krzysiek from
Long Beach, I found a perfect place for “dodges"; a well hidden bay where we can wait out the fast-moving fists of wind and waves, 10 nm north from Horn. When only our friend wind will tire and turn, then we will move. But in order for this operation to succeed, we have to somehow sail the narrow canals to the sheltered anchorage and then safely sail out of it. From the above it’s clear that no matter what caused the leak I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO FIX the damn gasket. Amen.


DAY 260

Wed Nov 21 08:51:07 2007 UTC - 36 23.91 S - 45 49.84 W


We’re sailing.


DAY 259

Tue Nov 20 11:15:29 2007 UTC - 36 15.69 S - 45 29.20 W


I woke up about 2 in the morning in order to check the surroundings and I almost panicked. Woke up by some worry, I opened my eyes and saw a light falling directly on me through the window. My throat tightened and I went to the wheelhouse, thinking along the way, that maybe I should go to the engine rooms and unblock the roller so I could use the engine right away. However, curiosity won  and I jumped into the wheelhouse, and there it turned out that what was staring at  me was the extraordinarily vivid face of the moon.
 I did not return to the sleeping-berth right away, instead I looked at the vividly illuminated sea. Wrinkled with waves Mother Ocean looked strange and mysterious, on a background of illuminating all silver and gold stenography. She also illuminated me in my micro-world, the main illusionist, incessantly playing a role written by myself, in my dramatic life adventure entitled:  “You can hide, but you are not able to escape me"
 Certain smart Englishman once wrote  "The world  is a theatre, people actors" 


DAY 258

Mon, 19 Nov 2007 12:32:48 +0000 (UTC)


In the morning the wind died and left in its wake rolls of waters coming from the north. It tosses us like a pendulum of a clock, luckily neither of us vomits. The wind will probably turn and will blow from the south. Today we will deal with the pipelines, I’m tired of the lack of water in the taps and of washing of strategic points of my body with moist cloths for babies, which Beata smartly packed for me. They came in useful  now, otherwise the inside of Luka would be filled by the discreet smell of a toilet ... It’s strange how many people think that toilet-paper is enough for hygiene and walk around "dirty"  all  day. I remember a  certain internet friend, I never met her physically, but for some time we talked pretty well. During these conversations it turned out that she was a prostitute and lived in Germany, that she had a husband that didn’t mind her occupation, and that they just moved  to a small town and she had few clients, etc. ... I had the occasion  "to look into" her life, and such relationships through the computer are such that either people imitate someone they are not, or they feel a virtual anonymity and they are brutally honest. She told me a lot about herself, and also many stories about the funny preferences of her clients, for example one of them she had to pick his nose for 15 minutes before he would budge to combat, another one was not able to do it if 60 times a minute he couldn’t call her  "mom"  ... etc . Once she concluded that Germans are dirty, I asked about her reason, she answered that  each leaves  "a starting lane. "
 I was curious about what she meant:  "Well , when they finish, they sit with their bare bum on the bed and get dressed, and then there remains a brown thick line on the sheet .. ."  Hehehehehehe  ..
 It looks like they ritually cleaned their bums on the sheets of this poor girl. However, I don’t think that leaving such  "stamps" is a national feature of Germans, it’s probably some local reluctance to soap ...

DAY 257

Sun Nov 18 10:50:29 2007 UTC - 35 58.62 S - 44 22.93 W


There was no sleep, we rock like a duck, with tendency to turn left. When in spite of this I decided to nap a little, I immediately fell into the arms the angular table which at each inclination of the yacht, massages my ribs. In spite of 8 months of flirting, somehow I cannot get used to these caresses. When at last I opened the door to the world of pine-trees and beautifully smelling Beatka, Wacek jumped on  me and the magic ended. He probably dreamed something hideous and decided to escape it. Now more than the speed  with which we sail, I care about avoiding  new damages, mainly the autopilot. I could add sails and we could go 2 knots faster, but then the Luka would start sailing like a young snake on the high wave, and this would overload the autopilot pump which yells and groans in such situations, and after all, this groaning girl has to last us to Ensenada. For a long time now the manual steering doesn’t work, so this our only steering able to work and it needs a break.


DAY 256

Sat Nov 17 11:41:59 2007 UTC - 35 39.46 S - 42 55.73 W


After a closer inspection it turned out that not only the shackle supporting the tackle of the marching boom tore off, but also the cart, to which all was attached. With pain I bore two holes  in the deck, later I will fill them, and I attached two screws with heads in a shape of a circle, and now I will be attaching the tackle to them. It will be necessary to uplift and move the boom to the other side on turns. I could have made one „eye” in the center, but then I wouldn’t be able to take a jib on in course with the wind and it would trash around in strong wind and we together with it ... The leak in generator turned out to be a leaking water pump. I called Marti in Port San Luis, he said that without reserve parts it will keep leaking. I took parts for the possible repair of the main engine water pump, but I forgot about the generator. I will now keep pouring water and cleaning dirtied machine parts, because the wedge belt splashes the water about. It will be necessary now to save it, so I will cut off from system the main container of fresh water and will attach the kitchen pump to the 150 liter container under my sleeping-berth. The water in the main container I will be able to access by a manual pump in the bathroom, but I will keep an eye on the usage, we’re entering the zone of strong winds, the fans will produce a lot of current , so the generator will be turned on rarely, only when it will be necessary to make water.


DAY 255

Fri, 16 Nov 2007 10:20:09 +0000 (UTC)

Yesterday and for half the night it blew 10B. Weather fax showed this low, but it predicted  not more than 6-7. We were going under mizzen-mast and marching foresail. Around midday it started to blow around 7, I thought that it was only a squall and at once it would return to its place, but it had no intention of turning. The wind elevated a great wave and when every other one and the wind started to push us to the water, and the sinks in bathroom and kitchen changed into jetting fountains of salt water, I thought that whether or not it’s a squall, I had to do something. I closed the valves of the outflow of both sinks, I put on a storm jacket and I went out on the deck. The mizzen-mast lee stays, although usually solidly stretched, now loosely knocked with turn-buckles about, Luka has no cockpit, everywhere is a flat deck, so I held onto the mast, like a peasant to a fork, I loosened the sheet of the foresail to lessen strain on creepers, until the sail started to trash madly in the line of wind, and bit after bit I pulled it down. Luka accepted this change with relief, she rose from her  “knees” and now we’re sailing half-wind under marching foresail, bowing to all Marine Gods. In the evening I downloaded the weather, it said that in the morning the wind will begin to let up, and after 10 hours will blow from the north, and then from north west, this is good news ... Wacek’s eyes became great, and he did not want to go out on deck at all. I tried to put him out, so the boy could "pee” and do whatever else he usually does in the evening, but he looked at me with deep reproach as if he spoke; “I’m not going anywhere, I will keep the “pee" in until tomorrow.” I thought about taking pictures of the bloodily setting sun, when suddenly it blew still stronger and the shackle fastening the waists of boom broke, marching jib and sail together with boom flew with the freed end over ship's side and denied its  "bridles" wasn’t even trashing but shooting. I put on storm pants and barefoot, paying attention to hold onto something all the time, I crawled to the mast.

DAY 254

Thu Nov 15 11:40:41 2007 UTC - 36 15.23 S - 42 29.86 W


For  many days now we have strong winds, usually  in the eyes, this perhaps is such hideous place ... We’re trying to get nearer the coast, but we’re not always successful. Today no such luck, we would have to back up to the north... There are new damages; there is a leaking rubber hose in the generator. I don’t know which, it was dark, and moreover the wedge belt was spraying dribbling water everywhere around, and at night I couldn’t quickly calculate where it was coming from. As before there is no water in taps and looks like the water from the desalination device (which thank God still works efficiently) does not reach the container, it also does not gather in bilge, I wonder what’s happening with it ... Hocus-Pocus ... Presently, however it tosses us so that work on anything would be a “punishment” and because these are "second-rate” damages, they are waiting for preferable weather. In the morning, I dozed in mesa grasping strongly the edge of table when suddenly I woke up because I heard a noise exactly like the one that a cracking screw makes. My stomach cramped, I ran to the steering room, I turned on all deck lights, but all stays looked well. I  quickly put on my rubber  "armors" , along with a safety belt, and on my knees, like a dog, because it tossed us madly, and with a flashlight in hand  I felt all windward stays praying that whatever broke, broke in this other reality, the one I just woke up from. I guess it was so, because I couldn’t find anything that broke unless whatever broke I just haven’t found yet...


DAY 253

Wed Nov 14 12:55:43 2007 UTC - 35 54.82 S - 42 14.76 W


Capstan was demolished to the last screw yesterday. Now cleaned from remainders of grease, hardened from the years of work and salt water, and fed with a fresh, straight from tube grease, it moves lightly like a spinning-wheel. We come with half-wind in the direction of the coast, it blows 6-7B, it tosses us unmercifully, but we are in the area of changeable winds and we should get out as quickly as possible.  Nearer the coast the wind should be more favorable ...
In the morning when I sat in the steering room and drank coffee I saw an exceptionally great flying fish, it seemed that she also liked half-wind, because she took off and she sharpened to the wind when she sank. It jumped like a little “rocket”, it floated over the water and unluckily fell straight in the open beak of a bird flying over the water.
I wondered if this “flying" fish was on its way to becoming a bird, whether what it stretched out when it jumped out from the water were fins or artful wings.

Darwin would have no  doubts, likewise as  in the case of certain lizards, which fold out their skin, when they jump  from branch to branch, changing for a  moment into a little glider. At first these “winged” creatures confirm the case of natural selection, but when you take them under the microscope, all Darwin charm evaporates. According to his theory wings evolved from front legs, but in order to raise wings from leg, there would have to be hundreds of mutations. Half of a wing would not be enough to fly and it would not be a leg, or a wing. They would not be able to either fly or escape with that. With such a limb its owner would quickly become dinner. What science knows about mutations stabs a knife in Darwin’s back, because decidedly most mutations are deadly. How then there could be hundreds of non-deadly mutations...

However when these changes have already taken place, then natural selection really will select better wings from among less efficient ones, but the wings themselves would first have to be formed by Someone’s Ideal Hand.

DAY 252

Tue Nov 13 11:18:21 2007 UTC - 35 13.02 S - 41 13.93 W


We have fresh south-western wind, we come sharply on mizzen-mast, marching foresail and staysail. We are a little far from the coast, the plan was to go +300 miles from the shore, now we will begin to slowly come closer. The fresh water pump cannot suck water from container, it’s probably drawing air from some leak on the hose, I will have to take away the floor and find the reason. Presently the water is pumped by a foot pump in the bathroom. The last few days it blew a little, and the capstan as before soaks. I will take care of it today.
 Does anyone have any news of our solitary sailor woman Natasha Caban?

DAY 251

Mon Nov 12 11:30:37 2007 UTC - 34 52.19 S - 41 16.54 W


Yesterday in the course of the day the wind quieted, but in the evening it again blew, all night it whistled a good 8 B. I could not sleep; it tossed us around too much, now I feel sleepy. The wind as if slowly sitting down, I will eat some soup, hold onto the edge of the table and maybe I will be able to shut my eyes...


DAY 250

Sun Nov 11 11:31:33 2007 UTC - 34 20.47 S - 41 29.59 W


Today the wind blows 6 in the eyes, we’re moving like a turtle, against the wind, on marching foresail and mizzen-mast. Yesterday the pressure fell to 980 and so a little “turbine” was created, it blew under 9B. The inside of Luka was like the box of fiddle, and the wind with its bow was playing on her stays. We were going with backstay on marching foresail, when Luka hurried to 15 knots, sharpened to half-wind, we were hit like with a battering ram and we took on water on the left ship's side. One can say that we had half of a fall. Luka is very broad and has good stability of form, I think that if she had 3.5 instead 5m in width, we would have bowed deeper. This was the foretaste of a typical topple which almost always happens on course with the wind. The yacht accelerates and with a sideslip comes off an unnaturally high wave, which appear from time to time, sharpens (sparsely falls off) to half-wind, and the mountain of such giant, usually breaks down and it gives kick in the exhibited ship's side. Such “kick" unites in vector with the energy produced with the sideslip of yacht from wave and some yachts in such circumstances show their "tummy" , or lose masts. Chief Baranovski on “Polonaise” had a few such incidents. Boys on n road from Strait Bering to Vancouver, speeded with wind in 8, on little foresail and they bowed deeply, soaked their mast and lost a few things from deck. Last year, a solitary sailor from California, on course from west to east, toppled over in 8 not far from Cape Horn, he lost his mast and in effect he abandoned his yacht and dreams, he was taken by some Chilean fisherman ...
Perhaps only one conclusion comes out of all this, one should in such conditions lessen the speed of yacht, with cables drawn over stern, or little drift-anchor which additionally would hold stern to wave ...


DAY 249

Sat Nov 10 10:22:11 2007 UTC - 33 27.45 S - 41 33.55 W


 At night the wind returned, in this moment it blows 8, pressure 985 and still falls, but this is not an expansive low, weatherfax showed wind with a max of 40 knots, but this top should only blow a few hours, at night it will begin to slow and resolutely it will turn off. Yesterday we had a pleasant day, composed of good events. I set in motion the wind generators, they are again loading. It turns out that the cause of trouble was a mixed up ammeter. When I passed by it and connected the conduit directly to accumulators, the fans budged like speed horses, and we have a lot of current again. Luckily I had a reserve ammeter, so by observing the force of fans loading I know in approximation the speed of wind, actually all I would really have to do is stick my head out from the pilot house. When I direct my face to the wind, and if I can’t take in air, it means that the wind blows a good 8 B. Next good news was that Beata got over her "itch” connected with the new work, and also a letter from my brainy colleague Krzysiek from Long Beach, who contacted the port authorities in Ushuaia and got for us permission from Chile navy to stop in a sheltered bay, 10 miles north of Cape Horn. Perfect place if we will have to wait for the window of good weather ... Wind is getting stronger, I pulled the foresails from mast and tied their cables to the stay, they shook terribly about the mast and made the whole yacht shake ... Now it doesn’t shake us so much, only the wind whistles in stays, the fans turn on with a howl every few moments and then stop, and this means that it blows above 35 knots, the yacht rocks from side to side and the autopilot pump cries sorrowfully. We come with backstay, on marching foresail and I have hopes that the wind won’t get any stronger, because then it will be necessary to take down the jib.


DAY 248

Fri Nov 09 10:49:33 2007 UTC - 32 58.03 S - 40 10.34 W


It is noiseless, everything is covered with a thick like clotted milk mist, the stern is not visible; rain dissolved in the air slowly falls to the deck.
It seems that one can take a little of this fog in his hands and twist it like a wet handkerchief. Wacek barks at some invisible beings. This is an ideal stenography to a marine horror flick with some great toothed muzzle jumping out suddenly from water, maybe a great white whale, or octopus with a great hungry mouth ... .hehe

DAY 247

Thu Nov 08 11:51:19 2007 UTC - 32 50.16 S - 39 46.53 W


Weather is super for sailing, I should have a grill on stern, a cold beer and girls without “bras” (Beatko the naked breasts are only the fantasy of a hungry sailor). After midday I called the boys on Selma, in the evening they were supposed to go into the marina in Rio de Janeiro and at once they prepared for a great feast. Later they probably sat near a grill on the beach as they drank cold beer or a bottle of something good, grease ran down their chins as they ate pieces of well marinated in spices, baked beef, surrounded by a ring of fried fat.
 F…ck! And we with poor Wacek for 8 months now survive on canned foods. Some gobble up fat steaks and feel firm Brazilian butts, and the others have wind in their eyes, expired tin foods and broken wind generators. But it is rumored things stay in continuous motion, and all incessantly changes. Some day we will eat up the old canned foods, and then with officer Wacek we will sit down at some shaded table, we will order a bottle of the best  vodka and we will begin from spiny lobster with melted butter, then they will bring us a sappy, fat, 3 inches thick steak. Amen.
In the evening we were witness to something unusual. I was doing something inside, when Wacek started barking in his exceptionally alarming manner. I went outside and saw a herd of maybe 200 dolphins. They swam stretched in a long line and they were in such a hurry, as if escaping from something. Water boiled around them. I ran downstairs to get the camera, I wasted a few moments on this, but it’s the only one that still works so I keep it in safe mesa. When I returned I could see that they were moving away quickly, and suddenly, like on command, they started to hit the water with their tails. They made such a noise that it sounded like a coming storm, a show like on ‘banquet" in front of Bellagio.

Stretched in a long extended line, incessantly, with great force, they brought down their tails about water, all the while quickly disappearing. I thought about changing course, but I would not be able to catch up to them, they moved too quickly. I took a few pictures, but from a distance they looked like the white tops of waves. I thought that they had to have been hunting. First they surrounded the fish, and moved them in a tight pack, and then they stunned the fish with the violent bumps of tails.
 I have a greater respect for dolphins now, they are not only attractive mammals opening their smiling mouths for fish in an oceanarium, but yesterday they gave a demonstration of directed, thunderous force ...


DAY 246

Wed Nov 07 15:07:41 2007 UTC - 32 47.31 S - 39 20.95 W



Yesterday evening we spent out on the deck and had the best place in the “theater” and with a mug of Whisky, we were watching performance titled “The departure of the day”. A storm of applause to the authors for this was a gorgeous demonstration of colors and shapes. I sent a bit of the show with today’s mail. Then when the night drew the curtain, I started thinking about reincarnation, about a new day which will be born  tomorrow again ...
If you dig a little in the history of the church, you will find that reincarnation was an abiding element of our belief until the council of Catholic Church in Nice, in 325 when they settled on the date of Easter, changed the birthday of Christ from January 6 to  December 25, and through  democratic voting it was agreed upon that from now on Jesus would be called God.
In 303 Emperor Dioclecian ordered the annihilation of all Christian books  which one could find, and a year after the council in Nice, emperor Constantine renewed the purge and all existent then tales about Jesus were destroyed, therefore except for small apocrypha, the eldest bible today comes from the IV century. Already in the year 331
Constantine ordered and financed the writing of a new version of the bible, to which they could make amendments and edit it in a convenient manner for the emperor’s politics. Reincarnation does allow for the policy of fear and holding people by their necks, under the threat of eternal condemnation. The church said “be nice or else ..."  And  reincarnation  said "you will still have another chance, and then another, and still many after that, you don’t have to fear, try to be the best that you are able, promise yourself improvement and go on" .

The church could not allow for such "angel” and panting with fire condemned the doctrine of reincarnation as heresy, and the gap that arose was filled with confession. Confession was supposed to replace what reincarnation promised – a second chance. The plan was changed in the way that forgiveness was not given directly by God, but now we had to beg a priest for it, who also gave us penance. This plan also showed holes in it when folks quickly concluded that they can sin all they want as long as they went to confession once a year and again fear abandoned human hearts..... To solve this problem and create fear once again purgatory was created. Purgatory from nature should be reminiscent of hell, but the stay in it was not permanent and lasted adequately to the burden of committed sins. Now even after a confession people would land in purgatorial kettle. However in the doctrine of purgatory was anticipated the possibility of redemption, and this in literal sense of a bribe. One could gain redemption from a church official to abridge his stay in this ugly place or if he had much gold, independent of the quality of sins, one could buy a ticket straight to heaven. The poor did not like this because only the rich could afford it.
Then like a splash from a Lord’s table, there was thrown to the poor the possibility of  lighting a candle in church, and the burning wax was supposed to in some manner  ease  the 'ill- treated  souls of purgatory"  and  although nothing could be bought in this  "shop", still for a coin  or two (the more coins the better), together with a candle as the proof of payment, one could buy their dead a better place in purgatorial kettle, probably somewhere at the edge, where it was cold ... The magic was supposed to be supplemented by prayers drawn up like all the prayers of New Testament by the personal secretary of  emperor Constantine,  who like the devil, until his death was afraid of holy water, and during his life never permitted his baptism ...
A multitude of candles then lit the churches and the coins were falling like a stream to tin boxes ... That means doing business ...

DAY 245

Tue Nov 06 11:40:31 2007 UTC - 32 26.82 S - 39 4.44 W


It turned out that yesterday’s storm tore a piece of threefold seam on marching foresail, when I finished with the repair of a bloc on the right backstay, I took to sewing. I did not use a glove or a bulky needle; I took advantage of the old little holes and sewed with a thin needle and thread for sewing machine. In order to avoid movement of seam I first stuck together edges of the torn sail with tape.  Sewing came out strong and in this place it will probably not tear again. During the repair of the bloc, I had to enlarge a little the hole through which the broken mandrel passed. Everybody knows that while drilling stainless steel it is necessary to strongly push, otherwise nothing will happen. I got in the right position (good position is half of success) I turned on the drill, pushed it to gap, and I was met by a surprise, the drill straightened ... Hehehe. It did not blow-out, did not chip off the cutting edge, only unfolded, perhaps I should take a picture of  this original. I took into my hand the  box of what I was now certain, were its Chinese brothers, that proudly announced that it contains a complete group of 30 titanic drills, only after a  longer moment, in a corner I found a tiny inscription Made in China. It looks like they ran out of coal steel, they made the drills from soft wire and they coated them with yellowish metal imitating melt titan. One could call them rice drills heheh. Thank God, I still have old, rusty, already broken many times drills made by solid Anglo-Saxons...

DAY 244

Mon Nov 05 11:08:11 2007 UTC - 32 5.97 S - 38 57.19 W


Yesterday I was fixing the top valve in entrance to the steering room. For some reason the door-frame was too tight and the exterior end of valve was brushing against it and it was necessary to pull on it strongly so it would close. This is one of those mysteries that are hard to figure out; it’s like Luka lost weight during the cruise.... I scratched the packing, unscrewed embrasure, removed it a little, screwed it on in new places and tightened. In the evening it started to blow from the south, weather prognosis spoke of a small 7, but most of the night it blew a good 8. We were going against the wind with one reef on mizzen-mast and with marching foresail. I dozed on the sofa (it rocks less downstairs) going out to the steering room once in a while.
At a certain moment I heard a metallic bang, almost like a shot; I knew that something broke - maybe one of the stays. I ran to the steering room, turned on the deck lights and sighed with relief when it turned out that this was only broken mandrel which tightened the right backstay ... Morning rose sunny, I was making coffee when we were kicked by a mammoth wave, worthy of Cape Horn, Luka shook and stopped in place. We’re sailing without autopilot, Luka keeps the course with wind without help, all is good, except that the wind generators as before do not load, and I wait for some word from the manufacturer. I have to calm down the incessantly trashing  in such conditions marching jib, I have to think of another contra-shot for it ... Its trashing around, when Luka approaches the wind line makes the whole  yacht shake, my senses take this turbulence as something very unpleasant, as if we were about to fall apart. After last night everything that was not fastened, moved to the left, this reminds me that we’re approaching Mr. Horn and I should solidly attach everything...


DAY 243

Sun Nov 04 08:49:07 2007 UTC - 31 26.24 S - 39 0.42 W


Nothing worth mentioning happened

DAY 242

Sat Nov 03 12:05:23 2007 UTC - 31 16.81 S - 38 52.84 W


At night I was awakened by a trashing mizzen-mast, I waited a few moments in the hopes that the wind will blow again, but after some minutes I gave up and went to take it down, I also put to sleep the marching jib and staysail. It was a warm humid night. The preceding day the wind blew some, at one point there was a little squall, to foresail and mizzen-mast I added staysail, we sailed at 5 knots and then we caught a nice fish. I saw right under the surface of the water navy-green shadow following us at the cable’s end. Remembering the fish that was dying on deck for like 10 minutes because I forgot the knife, and I was afraid to let loose the strain of cable, I first went to get the knife and started to bring in the line.
I pulled the fish right under the stern and the beauty of colors hit me: strangely intense connections of dark blue, sappy green, vividly yellow tail and running from the head to tail, yellow-green dorsal fin. Somehow I did not have the heart to destroy something so beautiful, usually I use a great hook on a stick which impales itself in the head so that the fish would not escape when pulling out from water, but this time as gently as possible I brought it on deck with the line hurting my hands, hero Wacek barked and shook from excitement, but he did this prophylactically from behind my legs and would not move his nose from behind my legs. The colored phantom started to trash around on deck, and after a moment the lightly attached hook fell from her mouth. I felt relief, the fish started to jump on deck, Wacek hid under the pontoon, and I was thinking of how to help the fish dive back to water, it hopped a moment longer and in the end advanced under the net stretched on the railing, waved its tail and disappeared. I felt pleasure, but at once I started to wonder whether I’m not becoming a "soft pussy", and when we will get to Ensenada I will start knitting...

DAY 241

Fri Nov 02 11:00:25 2007 UTC - 31 32.93 S - 39 14.31 W


The wind is feeble today and is always changing direction. The autopilot rests, Luka under mizzen-mast and marching foresail strands together with the wind. Yesterday I perfected the oil radiator, I lined the ragged end of the Polish flag, present from uncle Jan. It’s too bad that Horn is so unfriendly, because otherwise maybe my uncle would bring me a little beer and the exquisite dried sausage here as well... But from Cape Horn it will not be far anymore, some 5 thousand miles with little lining, and in Ensenada; Wacek and I will go crazy.
I wonder where Selma
is now, maybe someone knows? It’s possible that we will meet somewhere along the way...


Thu Nov 01 10:03:11 2007 UTC - 31 18.31 S - 39 34.92 W


Today we have a little party , we will open up a bottle of whisky, Antos, Mirek and Zocha will join us. My grandmother Zosia also liked a shot of liqueur now and then, she had color in her cheeks then and with love would start the subject of her beloved, younger then somewhat Jasiu ... So the company will be attuned and who knows maybe we will not end on one bottle...
At night it whistled a little, it blew a great 7, but I am not altogether certain, we don’t have a wind force indicatory device, and as before the wind generators are not working. The loading indicator more or less showed the force of the wind, without the necessity of putting my head outside ... I miss them very much, especially like last night, when the autopilot worked heavily and sucked up accumulators. With working generators, in spite of the autopilot and using the computer until late, the batteries would have been loaded today...

November 1st: Day of the dead in Poland.
It’s the day when families in Poland visit graves of dead relatives, tidy the place of leaves and weeds and light candles. The cemeteries are huge and at night, they look like sea of little flickering lights as far as the eye can see. This is something unique. So many small sources of light and heat are enough to change a microclimate of the entire cemetery - on such occasion it's always a couple degrees warmer than the rest of town. This is a day of respect to the dead. In this log Tomek is referring to his dead relatives. Antos- the father, Mirek-brother, and Zocha-grandmother.