DAY 86

Wed May 30 22:43:29 2007 UTC - 11 13.83 S - 127 31.89 E
A great black cloud comes down on us, in a moment there will be a shower and laundry. Even though I have a desalting device, I waited for rain with the laundry; only here it’s apparent how much valuable sweet water even the smallest laundry uses up. Yesterday the generator was again short of breath, this old disease hangs over us like a little monster almost from the beginning of the cruise. I searched the engine a little and this time I concluded that this has to be the pump providing fuel from the container. When the generator slowed down, I turned on the small electric pump used for de-airing of system and I unscrewed a screw for de-airing on the injection pump, it wasn’t leaking any petroleum or air (the air I’m not sure about) although in the filter, right before the flawed pump, the pressure of fuel was great. It seems then that the damaged pump does not give enough fuel to the injection pump. For now the generator works, although I know that soon the problem will come back. I decided that when that occurs, I will disconnect the damaged pump from the system and in its place I will connect the electric pump, which right now supports the heater of the cabin ... This should solve the problem. There was much about pumps today in our Marine Tales. The Coast Guard still checks on us everyday, but they stopped bothering us. Maybe the wary Frenchmen a few days ago taught them not to ask questions of orderly sailors cruising quietly far away from their shores...

DAY 85

Tue May 29 21:39:11 2007 UTC - 10 38.86 S - 128 55.96 E
After a long absence of fish, a little tuna fish finally got caught on the gum worm. Me and Wacek had a feast yesterday, and there is little left over today. It was not that little. I made fillets cutting out carefully the parts around the backbone, where blood gathers, the meat from this area is overly "fishy”. I sprinkled the washed pieces with lemon juice, which softens the faint taste of "fish oil", added some garlic salt, made some eggs from powder and mixed them with the washed fillets, then I rolled them in bread crumbs and 30 minutes after catching the fish it was in the frying pan. We call such fish fresh fish. Even though it was tuna, it tasted great; I haven’t had fresh fish in a while. After catching it yesterday I took the "fishing-rod" out of the water, today I will put it in again and ask Mother Ocean for more ... After the great meal, when the batteries were loading I watched "Terminator". Wacek sat down beside me, and he looked like he was watching it too, at one point, when the Terminator appeared Wacek started to gnarl at him ... Heheh, I laughed. It’s said that dogs don’t see images on a screen. Yesterday the Coast Guard was calling some French naval war craft for a good 5 minutes, but they ignored them and didn’t answer. They called them from an aircraft which later flew over us. They were probably on international waters and decided not to bother with the Australian Coast Guard

DAY 84

Mon May 28 23:46:23 2007 UTC - 10 16.40 S - 130 19.39 E
We’re saying goodbye to Arafura and greeting the Timor Sea. Melodious, curiously sounding name, Timor reminds me of an ancient Asiatic warrior. If this is his new estate, this let's hope that he entertains mermaids and won’t bother us, besides Mother Ocean watches over us, he wouldn’t dare take out his sword ...
Yesterday I installed the little
inverter, so I wouldn’t have to turn on the big one, when I use the laptop. Only from the simple fact that it’s on, it eats 1.5A in 24V, so 3A in a typical 12V installation. I once bought a 200 W little inverter, changing a current from 24V to 220V, I did the installation yesterday in the morning, I ran the conduit in the area of my favorite place at the table, and at the end of the line I installed a little fuse. The inverter beeped joyfully and lit up in green announcing that all is lovely. However, when I hooked up the computer, the inverter howled in sorrow and died. The maximum consumption of power by the laptop is 140W, so a lot below its praised possibilities ... Then somewhere in the corner I saw a little inscription which made everything clear:  „Made in China"  ... Once again I promised myself solemnly that I would never, even if they are given free of charge, take anything (except a hammer, I have one that’s brass and works well) that in drudgery and technical ignorance was sweated out by the working class of China

DAY 83

Mon May 28 00:32:28 2007 UTC - 10 13.32 S - 131 54.01 E

(relation sent late Sunday night- time difference)


We’re going due west, around 130*E we will begin to slowly turn south.  The introductory plan is to, with a gentle hold in the neighborhood of Madagascar and on 30* S, hopefully with the wind, head in the direction of The Cape of Good Hope ...
Wacek’s ass started getting bigger, so I limited his eating a little. He apparently ate a flying fish from the deck, because at night he left a few droppings near the engine room, among other places, it was a miracle I managed to avoid them in the morning ... The dolphins visit us a few times daily as if checking if everything is in order ... For Wacek this is a great attraction, he barks at them, smells them and won’t take his eyes from them, he’s watching his territory.

DAY 82

Sun May 27 01:42:53 2007 UTC - 10 1.71 S - 133 37.34 E
(relation sent late Saturday night- time difference)


Yesterday the dolphins visited us; they danced before the beak all day. I was watching them for a long time and thought about why they were doing this, they stayed with us all day instead of hunting for fishes or rocking somewhere lazily in the sun ... While observing them almost all day I came to the conclusion that swimming at the ship's side, before the beak and leaping are pleasurable for them. It was apparent that they came back to life when I went out on the deck with a camera. There was an old veteran among them, with a fin bitten probably by a shark, a few little dolphins, and 20 others, and one which every few moments turned slightly on its side and looked at us curiously ... Sometime after noon the Coast Guard 'checked us out', they talked for a few moments and then all became quiet again. I looked at the flag, actually among other flags it is not especially nice; white and red, but the crowned white eagle painted on it animates it and it gives it strength, and makes it the most beautiful and mine. During my 'banishment", among strangers, who speak and behave strangely, this eagle on its white - red background gives me a sense of belonging and strength. Only from a distance can one perceive its beauty, near-by it is only a flag ... It also brings with it the smell of wet forest and the morning mist over Jeziorak, the memory of my first love sitting on my knees in the park and the smell of normal bread, the taste of white sausage and my mom’s great pate...I would not exchange my flag for any other, even if this other was embroidered with gold  and promises...
Ps: About 10 am, at the position 10 00 40 S and 133 57 230 E we saw a tanker carrying some strange, colorful flag ... Somebody painted it yellow and then on the ship's side wrote "STOLT  TANKERS"  and  "S"  on the chimney. I talked for a few moments with the watch officer, then a brief “good  luck"  and  after a moment the tanker, going at 30 knots, disappeared over the horizon ...
Ps2: Beata, I swim only when there is no wind and the yacht almost stands still, if I had to enter the water in other circumstances, then I would put the Luka in drift, which means that I would take down all sails and then it would drift very slowly with the wind and it would be impossible that she could get away from me. Beer at still 4 cartons for 24 each ... We still have a while to go but you will see how quickly it will fly by...
















DAY 81

Fri May 25 23:35:46 2007 UTC - 10 9.57 S - 135 38.59 E

In the evening I was loading batteries, this also meant watching a movie, yesterday I watched Armageddon, a well made film, great cast, and a tear squeezer
It turns out that a side effect of solitary sailing is oversensitivity ...
Every so often I went out on deck in order to check the environment and after some time when I went out of the steering room, I felt my heart grow still. Right over the stern I was almost blinded by navigational lights of some damn giant. It was already dark, between white lights I also saw red lights, which meant it was coming straight at us... With one jump I was at the distributive board, turned on all the lights, including the deck lights, used only for work on deck, I grabbed the VHF microphone (short reach radio) and I started yelling: "This is the sailing-boat Luka, positioned at 10°08.74' S and 135°49.23' E calling out to the ship over my stern, do you see me? ". I repeated the call once more and then I heard: "-yes, Luka, I see you, maintain your present course, we will pass by you ok”. The calm with which the officer said this, caused me to calm down, I turned on the radar, and when it heated up, I saw that even though it seemed to me that the ship was already tangling my lines with bait which I’m pulling over the stern, it would actually pass us at a distance of about half a mile. This is still too close for comfort for me, I will probably have to keep the radar turned on to the function of "observer" on this crowded Arafura, it would turn on the system every 15 or 20 minutes, check the horizon and if it is clear it dozes off and after 20 minutes it wakes up again. At night I dreamed about a herd of ships blinking at me with great red lights, at one point I got up and I spent the remainder of the night in the steering room, listening to my ipod tell stories about elves, brownies and good fairies ...

DAY 80

Thu May 24 22:57:58 2007 UTC - 10 4.84 S - 137 48.31 E
Yesterday at night nature showed us an unusual demonstration of „fire works”.
The northern part of the sky brightened with explosions of light standing out impossibly vivid against the pitch-black sky. It was a great show; each eruption created a new composition of shapes and for a fraction of a second made the image of danger. I tried to take pictures of this distant storm, but of course nothing came out of it. Now I think that I should turn the video camera on ... We’re going quietly due west, the wind blows amicably from the rump, I still have beer for a month, and life is beautiful.
My uncle, Jan from Gostolin (near Warsaw) thinks that I’m an ass and not a writer, and that we’ll still see if I’m a sailor...The Coast Guard "checked us out" again , as if checking that we did not change course, actually it’s possible to hide 20 dangerous criminals here, or maybe two tons of cocaine ...

DAY 79

Wed May 23 22:54:31 2007 UTC - 10 19.81 S - 139 34.82 E
Today one of the computers broke, now I’m glad that Beata made me take a second one. The turn on button is the only proof that it still lives, but except the light coming on next to that button nothing else happens with it. (It also opens the CD room). Yesterday the Coast Guard checked on us again, this time they called us out by our name and they asked if we have any plans to stop at any port in Australia. We’re still distancing ourselves from sailing routes, we’re going to go a longer way by going out to the Indian Sea, because these routes go by the shortest way, but at least I won’t dream that we’re scraping paint off some big ship...
I have the impression that the filters of the desalting device will clog here quickly, the water is a little turbid, maybe because of the smaller depth. It seems that I will soon be able to say that „I drank water from many seas”

DAY 78

Tue May 22 22:18:17 2007 UTC - 10 42.33 S - 141 14.36 E

 We’re sailing on the Arafura Sea already; it’s shallow almost like Jeziorak (lake in my hometown). The waves are short and the water turbid... The depth in this moment is 19m. Each time I look at the echo sounder, I have the impression that we’ll be hitting something soon. The sapphire, deep Pacific was left on the other side ... Right after the exit from the strait is a several miles long, deep for this neighborhood, 25-meter canal. We just entered it when this giant tanker behind me, with an Australian accent politely told me to disappear because he’s going 35 knots, and in 10 minutes will go that way, and for him it was the only course. If I didn’t have time to escape I would probably not even scratch his paint. After a moment he asked what the depth of my dive was, when I answered 2 meters, he assured me that I can sail how I want to here because right now there was a 3 –meter high tide. He passed by me like a ghost, blinked with its positional lights and let me smell the smoke from its chimney. In the morning we were confessing to the Australian Coastguard, they stated that they had a lot of information about us, probably meaning our passing through the strait, and when I answered the questions of from where, to where, and which flag, they wished us good luck and went away ...
When still in the strait we passed by a wreck of a sailing-ship, it is a sad sight.
Great brown body lying aside as if a warning...

DAY 77

Tue May 22 00:31:22 2007 UTC

 9 59.86 S - 143 4.28 E


(relation sent late Monday night- time difference)








It’s not so terrible, this Torres Strait.


It looks the scariest in marine tales and when you enter it for the first time and in the dark. At night all cats are black. Marine lanterns almost brush about the ship's sides, although they blink at us from 2 or 3 miles away, and everywhere stinging reefs await.When the sun came up it became apparent that the Torres Strait is actually this charming little „sea” with hundreds of sandy islands overgrown with palms and jungle. Without a problem anyone can get to one from the windward, throw down the anchor and sleep until morning. However the sailing isn’t too bad, so we’re going on... „ Only the nights are so long ...”


DAY 76

Sun May 20 22:17:23 2007 UTC - 10 7.51 S - 145 5.37 E

Even though the Strait is still 90 miles away, it’s already tight. We’re sailing on this marked waterway named „Pandora’s Passage”. The traffic is somewhat restrained, yesterday we passed three giants. One right before twilight, a tanker, it was named Century River and had a great letter K on chimney. These giants go by very quickly and from them appearing on the horizon to the moment when they are on dam, it takes about 20-30 minutes. At night it’s dark, the giants are always well illuminated, but if this was temporarily up to me I would send them all to the south of Australia ... A certain colleague sailor, who because of the delay of crew brought his yacht to a port alone, once wrote - „only these nights are so long .. .” Tonight we will probably enter the Strait...

DAY 75

Sat May 19 21:39:51 2007 UTC - 11 24.65 S - 146 25.97 E

Today is gray and raining, but this is a pleasant change after the days of hot sun. This was supposed to be the last night I was going to sleep before the Strait, but right after dusk I noticed some light before us on the horizon. Once I was fooled like that by a rising star. This time, however, the brightness did not change for a long time ... A few hours passed by before it became clear that this is a fisherman luring calamari with great sodic lamps. I was watching (if one can watch something at night) how every once in a while he extinguished the lights and came out of the network which encircled the gathered around the ship's sides calamari, swimming toward the illuminated boat, like moths to a flame.Then he probably closed the bottom and the side of the net and pulled it onto deck....Sincerely speaking, I would rather have a proficient steering wheel for the Strait, but oh well, no one can have it all, at least not in one moment. I’m left with feeling glad that the autopilot works without reproach ...Today I will prepare the anchor, although I sincerely don’t intend to use it...

Wacek hasn’t bitten anything for a long time, nor did he make anything, as he has a custom to make in the engine room, the silence before storm smells...

Day 74

Fri May 18 21:40:58 2007 UTC - 12 13.75 S - 148 7.35 E

For a few days now it feels that something is spoiling my good frame of mind, it’s as if someone was disturbing the smooth tiles of a glistening lake by throwing pebbles into it. This perhaps is connected with Strait Torres ... For a couple of days I look at her and analyze the road which we will go, I spend much time on this, so that I wouldn’t involuntarily, inattentively miss something, some little island with stinging reefs, or a cliff peeking from the water, or one with a stinging head hidden under the sea..
I had colorful dreams today, I was dreaming about a charming island where I stopped and it turned out that I met many of my friends there, then I was dreaming about my first love Halina, in situations which I will not write about here (Beatko I dream of you every night and even prettier), the dreams were divided into parts, when I woke in order to check the course and environment. They had to be all good, because when in the end I got up I still felt their pleasant taste.

DAY 73

Thu May 17 22:33:37 2007 UTC - 12 45.24 S - 149 52.65 E

Sailing on the Coral Sea this time of year is a vacation, it’s warm but not hot, there is a constant moderately strong wind from the southwest, however I would be glad if it changed into eastern wind when we will reach the Torres Strait, if it doesn’t change, we will go sharply to the wind through most of this stony funnel, but maybe some local storms will cause it to turn ...
It looks like there won’t be fresh fish in this cruise ... At night some fish pulled the whole set, including the veinlet with it. It had to be a little monster, because the new veinlet can withstand 90kg. I have another old set, we’re pulling it behind us, but something tells me that tomorrow it won’t be there. I have no intention to stubborn about this, life pressed upon me a certain schema - if I try to do something and it does not work out, then I try to do it differently, but if as before it does not work out, I cease to do it at all. Even though "cessation to do" for many will sound too permanent, it turns out that if only we change our thinking habits a little, we can stop doing almost everything .... In this case it wouldn’t even be hard, we have many fish on deck; sardines in tomato sauce, tuna in oil and water, Hungarian goulash, octopus in tomatoes, smoked oysters, and also smoked sprat in oil from Riga – these unfortunately are ending already. And if we were up against a wall (this is another quality of free sailing, read: without hurry and sponsorship of Mr. Warzecha of toilets, whom one has to ask for permission ...), we can stand on anchor at any uninhabited reef and hunt...

Day 72
Wed May 16 22:18:34 2007 UTC - 12 54.92 S - 151 54.92 E
I’m sitting in my chair in the steering room, my legs are stretched out between the spokes of the wheel and rested on the console with the engine indicatory devices. I’m sipping beer and thinking how beautiful this sea is. Especially when the world is once again turning into "my" direction... The autopilot pump murmurs quietly, and I feel complete reconciliation with the waves glistening in the sun. It’s interesting that most single sailors, at some point in their cruise, are compelled to steer manually after some damage of the automatic steering ... It looks like I have to use the autopilot and honestly speaking I have nothing against it. Today I read the book ordered by Beata as necessary reading titled "Where the angels fall" by D. Terakowska, and I don’t know whether it’s sensitivity caused by loneliness, but I was "touched" many times, and in a way unusual for me, reading about this little ill girl and her fallen guardian angel, and how by helping each other they came back to this side of the light. I think that Miss Terakowska very nicely and wisely described the subject of good and evil. After reading this I think that I like my “black companion" a little more, the one who whispers. If I only listen to him: “You will not manage man, and why are you doing this at all ..." etc. I learned to ignore him a long time ago, now, however I started to see him as something of my own and let him mumble, if such is his nature.

Day 71
Tue May 15 14:59:51 2007 UTC - 13 13.94 S - 154 17.46 E

Right after midnight Luka stood against the wind, the sails started to flutter and  after a moment I heard through the flutter of sails, the noise of the autopilot pump working incessantly. I set the course to north, so that I would have a moment before Luca again would sharpen and I ran to get a hammer. Once again it is this box with valves under the steering wheel pump. The managing valve was suspended again and was passing pressure which the autopilot pump produces. I started to tap it with the hammer, after some time the autopilot pump stopped, but a moment later the situation repeated itself. This was a sign that it was time to deal with the situation permanently (although except for death nothing is permanent, but this is also relative). I folded down the mainsail and I put up the sloop, and Luka, with the steer bent on windward, slowly started to move against the wind, which moved us out from the direction of the reef hiding in the darkness. A few tens of miles away. Of course, the first thought that came to my head was to complain to my wife. Quickly Beata sent me the blueprint of the box of valves and the proposed, by the Canadian firm that produced it, suggestions how to solve the problem. There was nothing specific in there, I had hoped that it will explain how to fix the box itself, but instead it said that they don’t make them anymore and they proposed changing the whole pump. Besides that, they suggested cutting the steering wheel off from system with two valves, which I had already planned. After receiving the second message that the steering wheel will not work without the box  ( I thought about getting rid of it altogether and put two valves in its place, I would then choose manually: steering by hand or autopilot) I got to work. Luckily I had two valves which were perfect for the job. After two hours we were once again on our way to Strait Torres, which is 670 miles away.


Day 70
Tue May 15 01:04:53 2007 UTC - 13 17.12 S - 155 42.79 E

Tonight was restless; a strong wind elevates the sea, even higher for a few days now. It blows from the south east, we’re moving backstay and from time to time we bow deeply to the sea, when Luka slides from a greater wave ... Even though we are far from reefs and cliffs I slept anxiously, I was dreaming that we stood on anchor, the low tide put Luka on keel and she fell over, then someone took my place in the marina, and when I searched for a new one in the narrow marina, I lost control over steering and engine ... I was woken up by the turning of the engine shaft, which should have been blocked. Most yachts nowadays have hydraulic transmissions, which can’t be blocked if left in reverse, like it was possible with mechanical transmissions. The makers of new yachts suggest leaving the transmission in reverse and let the shaft turn when navigating. I don’t like this solution, first of all; the immobilized screw puts up less resistance in the water than a screw which turns, besides the transmission bearings work incessantly as does the rubber bearing supporting the shaft, not to mention the constant howl and knocking. Some put wedge belts on the shaft and drive the alternators that way... God Bless them ...
So, the noise of the shaft woke me up, I went to the engine room and after a moment of inspection I blocked it temporarily. I noticed, however, that the brake, installed by the previous owner is falling into pieces. I will have to block the shaft in some other way, uninstall the brake, check what broke and fix it somehow ...
The alarm-clock just rang, it goes on every day about 9: 30 UT (Greenwich time), it reminds me about the radio. About this time I should have had "date" with Robert Krasowski, but because of exceptionally poor propagation this year, we were only able to talk once. Now, with sentiment I looked at the satellite telephone, which ignoring the spots on the sun and the propagation, unites us with the world of "land of rats" without failure, not to mention the everyday prognosis of weather and e-mail from my "angel" and friends.

Day 69
Sun May 13 22:03:15 2007 UTC - 13 37.11 S - 158 55.37 E

Once again it’s like a vacation, warm wind; we’re sailing 6-7 knots on the mainsail exhibited with the boom. I’m defining the speed in approximation, because in the place of the log I installed an extra probe ... The log propellers have growth on them constantly, I have to take them out, then the water gets on the inside, and even they show the speed of the yacht to the level of water. The log is an indispensable thing in reckoning navigation; we use one of the wonders of the 20th century - GPS, which among other things shows our speed in relation to the bottom of the sea. So, when we’re sailing at 6 knots for one hour, we will pass 6 miles, which we can then mark on the map. In case of speed measured in relation to the water, it’s necessary to take away, or add to these 6 miles the speed of the current and drift, which in smaller or greater degree, rules all that shows up in the water, with the exception of islands and coral reefs. It looks like the day will be without sun, so it’s time to make up for chores on the deck. Three holes in the sails are waiting for an artistic patching up; it’s some flaw of the material, so I won’t saw on bad patches. I will cut them in a circular shape and through the center of each I’ll put a bit of vivid thread; they will show how the streams of air set on the sail. Besides that, all is nice today "the wind sings a song and the waves are so white”...

Day 68
Sat May 12 23:21:10 2007 UTC - 13 37.61 S - 160 57.56 E

We’re already on the Coral Sea, in the evening it started to blow; we were going almost sharply to the wind, so that we would pass the reef to the south, below the island of Rennell, at a safe distance... It was throwing us to the waves systematically, soaked the deck. Wacek, up until I freed him from watch and put him inside, ran like crazy along the ship's side and, from over the net stretched out on railings, fought with the falling waves, he didn’t hold back, he was soaked with the salt water, but the straight up pointing tip of his tail announced that he won... In the morning, the incessantly working autopilot pump woke me up, I heard it even through the noise of the Luka talking on the waves and the whistle of the wind ... This could not be anything good. I got up, and when hitting the walls on the way, I reached the steering room, the autopilot activated the alarm, it screamed, not able to stay on course.... The pump, however, still pumped at its highest speed. Something bad was happening. I turned off the pump, I feared that if it worked non-stop it will damage the engine. I steered by hand and analyzed the situation, perhaps the motor, which moves  the steering is passing pressure off somewhere inside... And in this moment, without my contribution, the water apparently advancing on the steering fin, (we were still at 8 knots), turned it about 20 degrees to the left. I corrected the course, but in the same moment the helm bent again. Trying to stay on course, I was forced to constantly turn the wheel to the right. I had a thought; there’s a valve on the servo-motor, if I open it, it permits the free flow of hydraulic fluid before the servo-motor, maybe something caused it to open ... I took a flashlight and went to the salon, I opened the door to the stern cabin, and raised the floor, I got to the valve and opened and closed it a few times. Luka during this time stood up with its beak to the wind and it looked like she was ready to turn. It was still pretty windy, such uncontrollable turn is nothing good. I got to the steering wheel and I turned it all the way to the right. Unfortunately, just when I stopped turning it, the sensor indicating the bend of the helm once again went left. Turning still to the right I thought "I lost" ... it’s the servo-motor letting out fluid, the sea was restless today, the autopilot pump worked all night on highest revolutions and the pressure tore off some gaskets on the servo-motor press. I don’t think I could take it apart in my little shop, and even if I could, I don’t have any new gaskets. I’ll have to stop somewhere in Australia and fix the servo-motor. The previous owner of the yacht said that before selling her he repaired the whole steering system, so I exchanged only the hydraulic wires and I believed that all will be well there. But I cannot stop, this has to be a non-stop cruise, I have a reserve autopilot, electric, but this is my plan “B”, and I don’t have any others. To push into the rest of the world without the possibility of manual steering and with one, put together from used parts autopilot, is stupid ... I thought for a moment, maybe it’s the box of maneuverable valves, right under the steering wheel, it is full of shutters, little wheels and springs. It’s supposed to prevent the pressure, which the autopilot pump produces, from moving the steering wheel, maybe something happened to it, something is stuck and won’t let it keep the pressure in the servo-motor. I turned the course almost with the wind, turned on the autopilot and went to the engine room for a hammer, the pump screamed incessantly. I took the hammer and I pounded the box, once from the right, then from the left, then for equal measure from the bottom AND the autopilot pump stopped, after a moment it hummed, and then again, buzz, bz, bz, buzz, buzz, bz ... What beautiful music this is ..., I would not exchange it even for Ennio Morricone ... Everything is working again. What a relief, we’re sailing ... So, it’s not the motor, now even if it comes to the box getting stuck again and the cure with the hammer will not work, I can always put two valves on the wires, which I can surely find somewhere in the engine room and cut off the steering wheel from the system. The autopilot will work, I just won’t be able to steer by hand, which I have no intention of doing, in the reality that I have created for many years, I am not a slave to the steering wheel, LUKA manages herself with the course, I read books, or being tipsy stare at the night's sky and I make the star constellations better by adding some star here or there...

Day 67
Sat May 12 02:10:45 2007 UTC - 12 56.52 S - 163 11.72 E

For two days now we have full sails. At night the wind concentrated and tilted us a little, luckily my sleeping-berth is on the lee, I slept like Jesus in the fisherman’s boat, and Mother Ocean rocked us to sleep. In the morning I reefed in the sails, the wind stopped kidding around and it’s blowing now about 30 knots ...In the evening I loaded up the batteries and made water, I sat down on the deck and drinking a brew I looked intently at the stars, I thought that it would be good to add a star in the center of The Cross of the South, it would then be more shapely, and that also it would be good to straighten the Big Dipper, and then I felt happiness embracing me and gratitude to the Creator that He did not let me doubt and chicken out, and that I am here and now, and I’m enjoying my found treasure. It seems that, except for the hurricane which pushed me once onto the „reef”, I had luck in my life, although even that episode with the „reef” might have been a part of a greater plan ... My uncle, for a change, says that „you have to organize your happiness”. People, however, come into this world equipped with different, but at the same time specific „tools” ... In the end one can organize and learn how to make linden spoons with an axe, or cut down a tree with a chisel. However, much more important is the determination to stay on your own way in life ... How much easier and happier it would be to live, for even a badly organized lumberman, if only no one talked him into being a sculptor. Let's imagine how much trouble and disillusionment waits down the road of a lumberman, who pretends to be a sculptor and cuts out wooden spoons or delicate crosses with an axe, or the life of a sensitive sculptor, cutting down trees with a chisel and his trouble without the likelihood of satisfaction or independence which each of us in smaller or greater degree needs....
A ridiculous image..., but how many people live, not realizing the fact that they are not going on their own way... Both of our heroes will have it hard in life, the proverbial wind will blow in their eyes, without the „stroke of luck”, because going down someone else’s road, they will encounter presents not meant for them. Nonetheless the „tools” with which we are born, give each person without exception the possibility and right to be happy in life, if only something or someone does not deter us from our own road. What, or who in such case, is the deterrent? Who derails our life...? Parents instilling in children their own unfulfilled ambitions, the church, omnipresent „dwarfs” determined to fight to the blood with anyone, who tries to outgrow them, our own fears ... There is so many dragons and demons over the head of a small creature, that it’s almost strange how some of us are able to free ourselves from them and go into life without a bag filled with stones of stereotypes and fears of life, like The One who gave it to us wants us to...

Day 66
Fri May 11 01:17:34 2007 UTC - 12 21.71 S - 165 33.47 E

It seems like it’s going to be a lazy day, the wind is ideal for a school trip or for fishing, we could also put small tables on deck and have ourselves a little party. However, I shouldn’t complain about the wind because it will hear it and will fly somewhere away, or maliciously turn its bum ... Yesterday evening was full of song, the sun was setting in red and I was moved to tears listening to “Ryczace Dwudziestki” (polish shanties) singing a whimsical song about my home town...
-AND through the rain, where my home is
-through the night, my own road
-along the prison walls
-to the fountain
Since I can remember, in my Ilawa (hometown), throughout my youth, every day I went along the prison walls “to the fountain”. I lived near the high gray prison walls, they constituted a part of my everyday life, so now, not even thinking of what they represent, and they make me miss my town...
Someone wise once said that the best place to live for each human being, is a place where they were born ... From the perspective of a traveler, who, pursuing his dreams, spent most of his adult life far away from his town, I feel the deep truth of these words. Somewhere along the way I encountered another, and now I see it more distinctly; that the desire for something is a cause, and the real aim is the road to its fulfillment. The aim only defines (if we have the courage to go up it) the road which we will take, what we will experience on it and what we will encounter – thereon lays this little Divine fraud. It seems that the gold we will be able to find (or won’t find) is a treasure, but actually the treasure is the necessity of making choices, which on our way we are constantly compelled to make. The road presents us with frequent choices that we have to make, and it’s inevitable that it also confronts us with the fruit of our decisions. And so on the basis of experiencing sometimes pleasant and other times unpleasant things, we learn to choose only those which are right for us .., and what is good for us, is also good for Him, after all He created us in His image .. So, there’s no need to fear, everyone who will dare go on their "road" will find a "treasure”, because the road itself is the treasure..., and when we’re already on it, and won’t let anyone scare us off, at the end of it our gold will await us... (And here I have to mention my uncle, who tried cheering me up in some letter he sent when I lay in a ditch once, he stated that "there are no pirate treasures anymore”, well, he wasn’t honest, or maybe he did not know about their existence...) “The quest for gold is God’s trick to send us on our way" And maybe it’s the Buddhists who are right when they say that it’s our desires that are the cause of every evil, maybe we should renounce our dreams, stop desiring, maybe happiness is reached by the one who does not experience disillusionment and bitterness of failure, and therefore doesn’t hurt .. However, if we don’t experience pain we also wouldn’t know what love is....
It’s the fear and suffering being contrary to love that shows us the road towards all they are not and turn us towards it...

Day 65
Wed May 09 21:49:26 2007 UTC - 12 13.79 S - 167 12.63 E

Some damn shark once again bit through the metal cables with bait, for 30 hours now the wind blows pretty well, I had a well-founded hope that after all night of sailing we’ll find some suitable fish at the end of the cable..... The one that got caught before was exquisite ... I put on new bait, there isn’t anymore of the "quick" ones, I found some old, "tired" ones, I’m trying to think about what I can make them from, if these damn sharks will eat them in such a manner soon I won’t even have a wire. We’re still going slantwise to the south, however if not for the center of low pressure which pushes by right now, we could straighten course to the west, but there again we would find silence (I like our weather fax more and more). Yesterday I put up the mainsail and when I was pulling down the line, one layer of the line wrapped on the capstan jumped onto another, and I, concentrating on top of the mast, pulled the line until the capstan groaned. I then tried to somehow pull the line out, but I quickly understood that it’s hopeless and settled the "affair" with a knife, now I have to put up a new line and all will be lovely like before...For some time I hear someone speaking to me - "Tomek"... or "hey", or some other human sounds... If I would not read the books written by lonely sailors, I would think that this is beginnings of schizophrenia...
The weather is beautiful today, the wind, the sun, we’re going with the sharp half-wind, Luka slopes slightly on the lee, and Wacek fights with the incoming waves, barking fiercely at them.

Day 64
Tue May 08 20:54:45 2007 UTC - 11 22.98 S - 169 23.56 E

In the evening the passat came back to life, it blows now from the southeast, we’re going west with the half-wind on reefed up sails and mizzen-mast, I’m thinking about the main mast. Wacek again bit off the bait; maybe I’ll put a muzzle on him...

Day 63
Mon May 07 20:39:04 2007 UTC - 11 20.23 S - 170 45.99 E

Yesterday the passat went crazy, today it died ... It’s quiet and peaceful today, the sun warms the deck, if not the little fan, which I put together one day from spare parts, I wouldn’t be able to stand it under the deck. Now my little friend tirelessly fills the salon with a pleasant breeze and if not the "crock", which makes us bow, first with the left then right side, one could say that we are in the center of paradise. I will swim today, the water is gorgeous here, crystal clean and warm, maybe I’ll meet a mermaid (except not the one with the fin on her back and three rows of teeth)

Day 62
Sun May 06 22:32:26 2007 UTC - 10 55.63 S - 170 59.11 E

The wind went crazy this evening. It brought a great black cloud and then unceremoniously turned around about 180 degrees and contrary to the immortal laws of nature started blowing from the west with the force of 15-20 knots. The western passat is some bastard conceived by the sea Chimera. We sped all night south and in the morning wound up in a charming neighborhood, beautiful women, wine and singing of atolls - but the only thing I’m thinking is how to pass those creatures with fins on their backs... In the morning the wind down a little, but still lets us sail to the west, we drift south under the mizzen-mast, I found that the selected mizzen-mast holds Luka 30* from the line of wind pretty well. Around midday we were visited by an aircraft. It flew from the west, made a circle and vanished where it appeared. It was an average size transport aircraft, with propeller engines, all gray, unmarked and without windows. I saw it pretty well through binoculars; it flew low and made a broad circle over us. I waved at him, perhaps I thought that the pilot will open a window and wave back, and then I concluded that if he did, the power of the air would probably rip his arm off ... I decided then not to hold it against him.
I would gladly eat a fish again, yesterday I got my best bait ready, I disentangled it along with the end of the line and when I threw the end of it out to disentangle the rest, the bait disappeared in the sapphire depth. Wacek was playing with it yesterday and chew through the line, I lost my best bait. I had to take three deep breaths so I wouldn’t kick him in the ass for this....
I checked the weather; it will be silent where we are... We’re still heading south.

Day 61
Sat May 05 20:15:01 2007 UTC - 10 0.43 S - 170 48.22 E

The morning greeted us with a fish on the hook. I was taking Wacek out, on the deck, so he could pee and I noticed that we were towing something. This time I put out a lot of the line, at such distance it may appear as fish but it might be a piece of gudgeon. I’m almost not used to fish anymore; lately we sailed too slowly to trick fish with a bit of colored plastic. The fish fall for it when we’re sailing faster than 5 knots. I started to pull in the line and after a moment I knew that we had a fish. She was silver, slender with a long mouth and three rows of sharp teeth, 70cm, it was fighting unmercifully. After a few minutes, with my fisherman's skill I changed it to fillets, and I drank my morning coffee while the white fillets were marinating in chopped garlic (the last of it) and lemon juice. Lunch was great, the fish, coated with egg (powdered) and bread crumbs could have made the most picky eater happy... My friends tell me that polish magazine "Zagle"(Sails) in the end broke through their distrust, which seems to mark any honest journalism, mentioning the sailor from Ilawa on their esteemed pages ....At the same time Mr. Jean-Luc Van Den Heede , a Frenchman who also sailed the world from E -W without stopping, alone, unfortunately he had bad luck because he sailed fast:-))) ... In his e-mail, he informed us that officially 5 people sailed the world in this manner: Chay Blyth, Mike Golding, Philippe Monet, Him and a woman Dee Caffari. Unofficially (I don’t know why – he either did, or didn’t) he mentioned a German who left his mark in 2002. Because I am of noble nature, without argument I’ll admit the German to place number 6 and I will gladly paint nr 7 on Luka’s side. Even with a bare eye we can see that 7 has more sails on its mast than 6 ... Moreover, Wacek will be the first dog in dog history who will sail the world non-stop.



Day 60
Fri May 04 20:36:45 2007 UTC - 9 54.58 S - 171 14.31 E

The day was full of events, especially when you take into consideration that nothing is going on on the sea. First around midday some smack appeared on the horizon, I looked at it for a long time, but at such distance, standing on a swinging deck, I couldn’t decide what exactly it was. It changed course every few minutes as if a drunken sailor was steering it. I looked at it, and then I yelled out to him through VHF. I introduced myself politely and trying my hardest for my language to be intelligible, I asked how he was, he answered in Chinese colored with English “I am China”, after which our conversation died. In spite of one more try to animate the conversation, the Chinese man was stubbornly silent. Maybe it’s the only English sentence that he knew. When he came a little closer I saw him fishing for either fish or crabs, putting cages with bait on the bottom. It remind me my Alaska ... I also felt a familiar chill which I feel lately, when we’re near land ... What if these are Chinese pirates, and will come near me noiselessly ... Tonight Wacek is sleeping on the deck ... In the evening, a few miles out the ship's right side, I noticed cloudlets of water dust, bursting every some time high into the air.. Whales ... They were somewhat far from us and I wondered if it’s worth it to throw down the sails and go near by. Before I could decide they showed their tails and were gone. I chose a compromise, I took down the sails and I directed Luka to the place where they disappeared. After a half an hour they came up about a mile from the beak. Again I corrected course and after quarter of an hour we had them almost on dam. They weren’t the biggest, but they made an impression. They moved majestically and every few moments they blew clouds of water dust high into the air. I recorded them, in doing so losing the chance to look at them closely, we were about 150 meters from them when they again showed their tails and dove ... I looked around for an hour, reasoning logically that these are mammals, and have to resurface in the end. They did this apparently somewhere far and not long after this it became dark – the sun quickly plunges over the horizon here...


Day 59
Thu May 03 20:24:05 2007 UTC - 9 52.19 S - 172 3.41 E

A great black cloud passes over us and covers the deck with a wall of water, it brought squall with it, so we sped forward and LUKA creaked like a foal happy to be let out of its stall. Yesterday we had boss man’s jobs; I "fixed" the scattered endings of halyards and sheets which Wacek mercilessly chews, although I can never catch him in the act. I also fixed a few other small things. I drank a beer, it was very hot and a little alcohol widens the blood vessels and causes an easier exchange of warmth. I then sat, leaning on the mast, winding a bit of string around another bit of string, I drank the beer, and Andrzej Korycki on this solitary spot sang just for me about waves on beaches, bringing greetings from afar, about a sailor who directed his prayer not where he should have and about the guitar which strings would break in a magic way whenever a sailor looked into the panties of port girls. It’s too bad that Andrzej’s Muse doesn’t whisper anything about a lonely sailor, who searches for something in the world … something which may be near by ....This was a good day, we didn’t sail very far, but this is not a boat-race and thank the Lord for that, because racing means winning at every price, it resembles hasty sex, full of fear of erection, concentrated only on the fastest way to achieve its goal. Sailing freely, for a change, is like love plaited with intimate encounters, it’s joy from detecting her shapes and the contemplation of the most delicate shadows – from there it’s not very far to the gardens of Eden shimmering over the horizon.

DAY 58

Wed May 02 21:00:15 2007 UTC - 9 46.02 S - 172 52.89 E

In the morning, possibly also at night, we slowly passed by many pieces of wood,dirty Styrofoam, beach thong from the left leg, old shoes and many other hard to the identify bits of plastic and wood. This looked like the remains of some sea tragedy, or what’s more probable, some crew did general cleaning on some boat. It drastically impaired the harmony of the environment. The sapphire-crystal surface of the sea and the bits of dirty garbage; it looked somewhat like a rotten potato on an elegant plate, or a fart during a romantic kiss. It’s sad how many people lack the sensitivity for esthetics and thoughtlessly fill with stench and litter what in their mind is not worth a care, while very carefully sweeping out their own corner. However Someone wise, Who knows well our rotten nature, planned the world in such a way that we are able to litter the earth only up until it permits us. We can’t litter and destroy it completely, she will sooner devastate us, and those who remain, sensitive to her beauty, will again begin to pray to Her ...

DAY  57

Tue May 01 19:04:29 2007 UTC - 9 44.93 S - 173 38.79 E

It seems that the wind also celebrates the Work Holiday ( May 1st in Poland ), because it disappeared this morning without a trace. We stand sideways to a dead wave, it moves us from side to side unmercifully. From a distance this has look almost comically, when on a calm sea a yacht almost takes on water on its sides. Such a dead wave possesses a magic cleaning force, it empties stomachs unmercifully, even when it comes to old sea wolves who are accustomed to its movements, like for example the famous English sailor Nelson, who was followed like a shadow by a boy with a bucket ... Me and Wacek, however, are not moved by this dead wave, except that it is difficult to walk... We will lay down then, after all it is a holiday...