DAY  56

Mon Apr 30 19:33:21 2007 UTC - 9 34.57 S - 174 39.28 E

We speeded through the night sliding like a ghost of Dutchman, on the sea illuminated by the lantern of the Moon. The hull trembled sometimes on the waves, as if answering the rogue whistle of the wind, the wind generators turned with a whistle, convincing us that the money spent on them was not wasted, and the Mother Ocean moved us softly and with a friendly roar She sang her song, while I sang with her ...
 "And I only miss you
  In this prison Zenek (B)
  And I only miss you
  you here, you here .. ."
 We always miss something ... From causes known perhaps only to the Creator, we can’t have everything at the same time, and it happens like that maybe so we don’t stop wanting, and so that our dreams, which are the cause of all that’s beautiful in us, live and grow like wanted and loved children. I think that if God had to eat something, then our dreams would be a sweetly baked duck with beets for Him. (my favorite grub)

DAY  55

Sun Apr 29 19:21:15 2007 UTC - 9 15.91 S - 176 36.26 E

A moment ago a beautiful sunny day started, we are coasting under a raffled main sail, heading straight towards the northern tip of Australia. Luka rocks from side to side, like it usually happens on a course with the wind, especially since the deck is a little overloaded, so it rocks us, and the eastern "wind sings its melodies and the waves are so white" (today sapphire with white tops).
 At night the groaning pump of the autopilot forced me to throw down the staysail, the wind hardened and was throwing us off course ... I wish that the new autopilot, which was installed right before we sailed out, will bring us back. As plan "B" and 'C" I have other autopilots, but these are put together from used parts ... Yesterday I called Ilawa, I talked for a moment with my brother, Mirek. He reminded me of a joke I played on him when he visited me in Mexico. We were already a good 100 miles from the shore, heading for Guadelupe Island, it was a restless night, the wind started to blow a little, and then I said:" You know Mirek, it’s actually also my first cruise, I never sailed so far away from shore before..." Heheh. I still see his aghast face ... As a good omen we made plans to go through Panama onto Bahamas after the cruise. We will find there some sheltered bay for diving and cool some beer. Beata is finishing a diving course, as captain I will be sending her to the bottom, for fresh  lobsters for a snack.

DAY 54

Sat Apr 28 18:22:03 2007 UTC - 9 4.00 S - 178 46.79 E

 At night I got up every hour, awakened either by the beer I drank the night before, or some nightmarish dream, in which I sailed straight onto some cliffs and when I tried to turn away, every time the steering wheel fell from its axis, I then ran out onto the deck in order to loosen the staysail in hopes that Luka will turn by itself, I would wake up, check my surroundings and after a while this all started over. I will never again pump myself so full of beer before sleep. In the morning after the next nightmare in which the steering wheel tore off, I was checking the horizon, and in the light of the moon, which this night was like a lantern, in front of the prow I distinctly saw the cliffs, onto which we were falling all night. Luckily we were still far away from them, my eyes opened wide, my heart started pounding, I turned on the radar and in the minute which it took to warm up, I tried to figure out, glaring in the direction of the cliffs, where in the devil did this island come from. It took me a few long minutes before I woke up altogether and understood that these nightmarish cliffs is actually a piece of a cloud creeping low on the water, which in the light of the moon looked like ragged cliffs ... I couldn’t sleep anymore, anyway it was already almost morning, and in the meantime I would have to change tacks and set the foresail to the left side, but I chose laziness so the wind still inflated the foresail, maybe is only teasing me...

DAY  53

Fri Apr 27 144:44:40 2007 UTC - 8 45.40 S - 179 52.3 W

Today we saw a castaway. He fell from a palm tree and now he’s disappearing in the valleys of waves and drifts into the unknown. Who knows what fate awaits him, maybe some wave will mercifully deposit him onto a sandy shore and the drifting sphere will change into a slender palm tree? The "short breath" of the generator disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared (we’ll see for how long) now evenly and regularly the little diesel turns the generator and (omitting the noise) makes a friendly atmosphere  inside of the LUKA.
A few people asked me how I deal with sleep, so I have to say that I deal with it very well, today I slept a little restlessly, but this anxiety comes from being so close to shore. I got up, as usual, a few times at night, checked the course, but sometime in the morning, even though I usually don’t do this at night, I turned on the computer and I checked the exact position, this was " blowing on cold" . At night we were going 4-5 knots, we were 70 miles away from the nearest atoll. Even if the autopilot somehow failed and all night we were heading straight for the island, it would be visible on the horizon only during the day at lunch time. Except for the moments when we approach the land, and in this cruise we will avoid it, I sleep comfortably in my favorite sleeping-berth sofa, between the support and the edge of the table, I dream about the land. When we remain near the shore longer, I remain in the steering room and nap on the uncomfortable (too short) bunk-seat, awakened every 15 min by the bell of the alarm, in these instances I turn the radar on to the functions of "observer" It turns on while I nap, scans the horizon a few times, and if it finds nothing, it shuts itself off, and in 15 min it scans the horizon again. There is enough of sleep, I just miss ice and the scent of a certain woman.

DAY 52

Thu Apr 26 18:37:56 2007 UTC - 8 45.35 S - 178 32.98 W

Yesterday the wind blew a little, we’re cruising outwardly on staysail. I feel like I’m in cosmic space, soon we will pass between two planets Funafuti and Fakulailai. I’m not used to land anymore, it wakes my anxiety, I don’t miss it at all, it reminds me of sharp stones, the bottom sliding anchor, with pirates, port thieves and public officials just waiting for bribes. Here, away from it all, we are safe. Not without reason the statistical data informs that 95% of all ship wrecks take place after the entrance on the shoal ... In the open sea only unlucky people drown, and this means that they more or less chose such an exit, consciously or not. Many of this 5% leave their yachts convinced that they are drowning, and the yacht is found some weeks later, a little soiled, with torn up foresail, and loaded sun batteries, generators ... In Port San Luis, some frightened sailor was looking for a cruiser, which could rescue his yacht, found by some fisherman, drifting a thousand miles west from Morro Bay. Many sailors got rich bringing such lost yachts to port, and in general after dealing with insurance companies, collected round sums, or kept the yacht. The generator is under observation, it looks like sometimes it collects air in the injection pump. After de-airing it, it turns lively, but after a while it happens again... The whole fuel system is new and I installed it personally, I suspect a short coppery piece under the screw that airs the injection pump. The future will show.

DAY  51

Wed Apr 25 18:24:47 2007 UTC - 8 26.24 S - 177 32.63 W

The generator coughs up short breaths, it goes out after a few minutes. In the process of changing the fuel filter, it became apparent that the person who stole the soldering set from the LUKA when she was still in Port San Luis, also stole the carton of fuel filters. I didn’t think to check this before leaving, I was convinced that I have all the necessary filters for both engines. I have no intention of getting upset about this, whoever it is can have it, let’s say I gave them a present. I will now change the generator filters more often, the ones that clean the fuel on the ready, I have a large supply of them.                                                                                                                                             

DAY 50

Tue Apr 24 18:01:24 2007 UTC - 7 58.63 S - 176 28.81 W

Nothing is happening, yesterday I found the reason why the desalination pump was taking on air, the wind came back to life a little, let’s hope that it’s only its front guards.

DAY 49

Mon Apr 23 19:27:41 2007 UTC - 7 54.15 S - 175 21.45 W

Today I ran out of eggs, I feel indescribable sorrow. This will start the period in my life which I do not know yet. It’s true that I have about 1500 eggs in powder, but they taste like a cheap prostitute consumed in a double condom (from fear). I always eat eggs for breakfast, during this cruise I ate them fried on butter, usually 8 – in a way that’s made for little children, when I ran out of butter I released my imagination and I used all the fresh vegetables which I had. From the time I ran out of butter, my breakfast included 4 eggs over easy, half of spam; comparable to our polish canned tourist meat but worse, I slice it and brown it on both sides, one or two potatoes cut in big pieces, onion and a few cloves of garlic fried whole. It became apparent that fried garlic loses its "sting" and tastes like fried onion, with a little echo of garlic. On the bottom of the plate I put the browned pieces of spam, on top of them brown potatoes, then the fried onion with garlic and on top of it all, with yolks smiling at me, were four (sometimes more) eggs. Oh well, I will try, even though I know it will be hard, to pretend that they are still there ...
I will prepare it all as usual and I will imagine that they are laying there cooked on the onions.
We’re waiting for decent wind.
Ps: It astonished me that almost nobody got the irony in my comment about the “Krzysztof” fear. It looks like with I’m being too subtle ...

DAY 48

Sun Apr 22 18:35:29 2007 UTC - 7 46.72 S - 174 34.28 W

If Mother Ocean will not compel this rotten wind to start blowing, it seems that this will not only the first sail around the world under the Polish flag, in the manner which we’re doing it, but also it will be record of the longest cruise of the world, where the average speed doesn’t pass the speed of drifting wood...

DAY 47

Sat Apr 21 18:33:45 2007 UTC - 8 3.55 S - 173 46.10 W

Today I dreamt of a sailing-ship, which had on deck little handles for spray bottles containing fluid to wash the sails ... I woke up upset about something, maybe by this dream ... Yesterday I took out the fishing-rods from the water when the wind died, I did not want them to get entangled again, today all that remains from them is lead and hooks. Wacus was playing with them in the evening ... For some time now, we have a fish pilot, it’s about 70 cm long, yellow-green, it swims around the ship's side and is distinctly looking for something, or maybe this is a gold fish, only shamed green…?

DAY 46

Fri Apr 20 18:49:04 2007 UTC - 7 37.40 S - 172 47.31 W

Yesterday evening the wind came back and we’re moving slowly to the west, in the direction of Torres Straits. On the way we’re going to have to pass by a swarm of islands. Under other circumstances it would be great to cruise between them, dive, eat spiny lobsters, crabs, oysters (which add vigor, to but only for sailors) and exquisite fish from the reef. We have all the diving gear, along with a compressor to load the tank, and also a smaller compressor for diving in shallow waters. I took it all with me, because I did not have place to leave it. Luka is big, and we’re not racing, 100kg more does not make any difference.. .When I think about the islands I play “Szanta” (chant) in may head, sung in the thick, drunk voice of “Ryba"
"I will smash my boarded up world
And from missing you I will build a boat
From island to island, day and night
I’ll go wherever my eyes will take me"


Thu Apr 19 17:48:33 2007 UTC - 7 39.95 S - 171 26.85 W

Today is the beach again; I’m only missing a friend with ice cream, the smell of seaweeds and sun-tan oil. There are no smells here; we are too far from it all. If one of these days we will smell something - first surely Wacek, it will mean that the coast is not far. Yesterday even the dolphins were sunbathing, they were too far away to take a picture with my cheap camera, but looking through my binoculars I distinctly saw them laying on the water, almost not moving, they turned slowly on their own axis, one of them jumped up vertically from the water but half-way up it was like he changed his mind and returned down the same way. In the morning the wind started to blow a little, we’re heading due west. There is a shower on the horizon, a dark cloud with a large amount of warm water. The autopilot cried out with a thin beep, lost its course, the wind died again ..., maybe there’ll be some wind from this coming shower...

DAY 44

Wed Apr 18 19:36:18 2007 UTC - 7 56.19 S - 170 42.68 W

It’s beach weather, it’s too bad Beata isn’t here, I would gladly and without a hurry cover all of her in sun-tan oil, and later.. .. ... I would make her a drink with a big chunk of ice which, hopefully she would bring ... Even though I chose an energetic rigor for myself; I decided nevertheless to turn on the refrigerator when loading batteries. If the wind does not pass 20 knots (if it is strong, the wind generators supply the batteries) I load the batteries once a day for 1 - 1.5 hours. The beer which fills my refrigerator has a chance to cool off a little then, and this “little" dramatically changes my outlook on a few cold cans waiting for me each evening, as compensation for the heat of the day. Life is beautiful:))

DAY 43

Tue Apr 17 20:40:29 2007 UTC - 8 5.65 S - 169 56.19 W

Yesterday's fears caused me to develop intellectual hiccups; I hiccup with the “Old boy” fear of death all the time. It turns out that the older a person is, the more they fear this "black girl". To look at this logically, the one who should be more afraid of the meeting with the “black one” must be the one who has more to lose, therefore someone young. The actual truth is that young people are fearless in the face of death ...Maybe because they are nearer the beginning they instinctually remember the element of universal truth, of which Jesus also spoke, and which in His words sounded something like this - ." .. The one who fears for his own life will not live long, and the one who does not care about his own life will live long .. ."
And maybe youth is too blind to see the unavoidable passing of all things, human life included. It is rumored that most people only begin to realize that they will die someday when they are around 40 yrs old. Many cultures promote the so called “Good circumstances” to accompany this transformation, as if this moment was the last play-off, the outcome of which can decide the whole game.
The moment in which the "Black Lady" finally comes, as long as one does not wait for her with clenched fists, can change into a definite victory. From the standpoint of a Catholic, a good death is a death in the act of sacrifice, however omitting the relativity of good and bad as terms, in the "play-off" most people come up against their own fear, this animal instinct, which Mr. Krzysztof Baranowski so eloquently wrote about.
If we agree that the world is dual, and that on one side is love and its subjects, and on the other fear and its subjects, and if we understand that the aim of each human being is to learn how to love, then the defeat in the "play-off” can mean a "wasted” life (although nothing can really be wasted here ...)
The people who sincerely have faith are not afraid of the "play-off", because their deep belief guarantees that they will find themselves in the area of Divine love. Much worse off in the "play-off" are those, who are intelligent enough to negate the old tale about God, but not conscious enough to see past the apparent wall of chaos and perceive the ideal divine order of mutually universal laws. Winning in the "play-off” has an essential meaning also because while dying we go where we think we’ll go, and for some time (even though time does not exist there) we will spend in our paradise or in our hell ...
In the end, even without binoculars we can see the truth "swimming” beside us, that it isn’t important if the “black lady" will grasp us on the highway, on the sea, or because of cancer... – what’s important is only the "play-off”.
And indeed at the end, I will remind - as a main course today, the most beautiful words that Jesus gave us, and that for some reason didn’t make it into any of the four gospels -

"You are the perfect day, and the light that you have inside of you will never go out .. "
(discretionary translation).
 Besides that, the wind is non-existent, we’re turning around in a circle ...

DAY 42

Mon Apr 16 18:50:51 2007 UTC - 8 6.69 S - 169 5.02 W

Yesterday I read a book by Krzysztof Baranowski titled ‘The second time around the world”.
I was curious how he was dealing with his last cruise in Strait Torres, which we’re slowly approaching. I was moved by the paragraph in which this famous sailor described his fear. The description is so ideal that when I concentrate on it, the skin on my head gets all prickly and if I had any hair on it they would be standing on end. And here is what it says: “.. .I forgot this fear already, this animal and all-consuming fear, that sticks the shirt to a sweaty back, dries out the mouth, closes the throat in a silent scream" . It is said that great fear hides great heroism; I did not expect however, that sailing can be so scary. Mr. Krzysztof, you drove me to a solid fear, as however I’m naturally brave, I only took a few whisky bottles for this cruise, counting that yes, sometimes something will "grab me by the throat", but for what is about to happen now, I will need a case...

Wacek lies on the prow and from the shade spies on birds with one eye, Luka coasts lazily on one sail exhibited with boom, and when we rock from side to side (it’s a flaw of cruising with the wind) the sail flaps sometimes and makes sounds when it again fills with the wind, maybe it also does not like this rocking..

DAY 41

Sun Apr 15 17:11:50 2007 UTC - 8 7.04 S - 167 25.08 W

Yesterday a block with a line fell to the deck that, before this sad event, was used for lifting and maneuvering the sail boom. I have to admit that it was me who screwed up while I was still in Ensenada, when I was repairing the line block system for maneuvering the boom which I got from my friend Ken - (bless him always for this with the wind on his back). I did not tighten the shackles strong enough, standing uncomfortably on little rungs attached to the mast. You need both hands to do this work, while I had to hold on to the mast with one... Now I will have to wait until the Mother Ocean falls asleep, and with the boatswain's pew, climb the rungs to the mast, then secure the chair, sit on it, (I hope it will sustain my 150kg) and this time using both hands tighten the new shackle with a block ... Uf .. .. I already feel the shiver of all muscles and fear ......

DAY 40

Sat Apr 14 18:12:03 2007 UTC - 8 8.82 S - 165 42.96 W

After midday, from the west, we were chased by a giant, almost black cloud ... It hid the greater part of the horizon. It moved like Jenghiz Khan with its army, sending its front guards here and there, wrinkling the water in some places. I took down the staysail, it moved us a little, but the autopilot pump gave an occasional sad groan trying to keep Luka on course. I reefed in the mainsail, I took off the unneeded in this fight shorts, I brought soap and now we were ready for the acceptance of this wet bandit. The cloud was so big and dark that every few moments I turned my head in the opposite direction, in order to make sure that this black ugly thing did not cover the whole sky. After a moment it started to advance faster and I could already see a wall of rain which it pushed in front of it.. And then she hit with a violent wind as if with a hammer and then it started to pour. With the soap clenched in my left hand I felt completely safe. When the first fury elapsed, I loosened all muscles and slowly, like a man who knows exactly what to do, I soaped my entire body. I put away the soap and waiting for the second attack, without emotion, I wondered if it will treacherously change direction. After a moment I saw that it will hit from the same side. I directed the most soaped up part of my body into it, I seized the stays with both of my hands.. .I waited.... It came, hit us with a wall of water and wet everything in its way. It lasted for a good hour, and then it went away taking with it my weekly, mixed with soap, sweat, as well as other weekly wastes… I cried out in farewell – come back in a few days, just during the day, or else...

DAY 39

Fri Apr 13 17:26:47 2007 UTC - 8 2.82 S - 163 40.48 W

It’s hot; it is so hot that it’s really hot... I changed the oil in my generator, I have to take care of my little sorcerer, who does make some noise, but every evening fills the yacht with light and human voice. I use the occasion to turn on the television and watch a dvd, yesterday it was "Stargate”. After the exchange I had the old oil and filter left over, of course the simplest thing would be to throw it overboard, but if I pour this into the transparent sapphire water I would feel like a murderer. So I folded the old filter in a few “ziplock” bags, and I poured the dirty oil into a gallon container... It will remain with us while we cruise the rest of the world.
At night it started to rain and along came a strong wind. This time however we were prepared and it found us with a reefed down mainsail, it screamed and groaned a little, and taking the rain with it went away...

DAY 38

Thu Apr 12 17:52:22 2007 UTC - 8 5.43 S - 161 47.26 W

Some sea creature with sharp teeth ate all the bait and again the cables I reel in, in the hopes that Mother Ocean will donate some fish, present a sad sight, all twisted and tangled. It had to have been some skunk shark because at the end of a very bulky line was fastened a 3mm steel cable with bait, and the cut is so straight as if cut with a guillotine. Surely I could catch something if I was nearing the islands, but this would mark the end of my peace. I’ll put on new bait and I will call on the visualization method to bring me some fat piece of fish with little teeth, or maybe I can throw some canned meat overboard and trade with Neptune... Yesterday I read reports..... .. ..., of Baranowski, boys from Panorama and..... .. ...and of the Strait of Torres. From their report and from the map it seems that it’s very tight there, a lot of stones and very strong current ... I have the candid intention to take a few tablets so I don’t sleep and take it in one stride. Maybe I can stop right before the entrance to the strait, on anchor, sleep a lot, then I will pass through it if the conditions will be on my side (of course they will) in -+ 24 hours. This our introductory plan.
8*05'225” S 
161*42'823" W
COG 270*
SOG 5nm

DAY 37

Wed Apr 11 17:35:33 2007 UTC - 8 4.53 S - 159 52.18 W

Today at night the lights did not fly ... They must have lost me ..:), but about 3 am the wind started to blow, it blew about 30 knots, I was wondering if the old mainsail which we’re carrying for a few days now will sustain the gusty wind. I could take it down, but I knew that this was only squall, that it can’t be too strong here and that soon it will go elsewhere... Besides, I wondered, feeling some excitement, if the sail would hold.. I have a better understanding now how much I can get away with when it comes to the sails ... Sometimes we were going about 10 knots. Navigating at that speed did not bring me any pleasure, I imagined a great hole in the trunk if we would hit a drowned container, or some giant log washed off from a general cargo ship ... Comfort returns only when the squall subsides and Luka returns to the charming 5- 6 knots. Then I’m bound to the sleeping-berth and in the arms of Beata already waiting for me at the other side of consciousness...

DAY 36

Tue Apr 10 17:53:03 2007 UTC - 7 58.75 S - 158 5.29 W

At night a warm downpour, like a shower, washed off the equatorial heat from us, and then we budged with the speed of "a horse plucking grass" , which in comparison with the speed of "a turtle going on an undesired date”, (which is the speed we experienced lately) is a cause of the crew’s good humor. I’m writing this with a certain reserve, but it looks like I saw a UFO. About a week ago I stood half-way out of the steering room and with a beer in my hand I was watching the stars, when first from the corner of my eye, then completely, I saw a strong light, stronger than the brightest star which moved about 30 degrees above the horizon so quickly that I could barely keep up watching it. This phenomenon seemed contradictory to what I know about astronomy, but because I know little, I left this problem for later ... Three days ago, I saw this light again, it behaved like the previous one, but this time it was pinkish in color and it was visible longer, and just like the first one it was going at a great speed. Yesterday at night I looked at the Cross of Midday and again out of the corner of my eye I saw a bluish light. My first thought was that it was a signaling pistol, but such signals do not fly horizontally and I do not think they sell them in blue ... I scanned the horizon with the radar, for 36 miles the ocean was empty ... Maybe it’s an astronomical phenomenon that I’m not familiar with ... However, if you ever notice a lack of reports from me, it could mean that I was kidnapped by this mysterious “something” and I may come back pregnant ...



Mon Apr 09 17:22:40 2007 UTC - 7 42.39 S - 156 49.91 W

The wind is "non-existent" , but we are moving slowly to the west ... The current is giving us a little push, a little anemic sigh of the trade wind that here should be about 15 knots. We’re passing in between two islands, Starbuck Island to the north and on Penrhyn to the south. These are actually atolls screened by the reefs and a narrow strand of sand to the north, with narrow entrances from the south. This more or less is what paradise would look like for us ... There’s probably no fresh water there but the Luka can produce 70+liters/hour. It has to be beautiful there, at the next trip we will stop there for sure. A moment ago we were visited by dolphins, but as usual I was not able to take pictures.. This time the batteries died, and the ones in the charger are not charged yet ...

DAY 34

Sun Apr 08 17:10:20 2007 UTC - 7 42.33 S - 156 24.05 W
 Complete boredom, I was so bored that I was watching the flying fish today, there’s less of them when there’s no wind... I drank yesterday evening. I was sitting out on the deck (can’t sit inside) and after the second glass it hit me how beautiful the reflection of the stars was on the water and how infinite they are. Unfortunately, I am only able to find the big dipper and the north star, so I just looked at them like an idiot with my mouth gaped open.. I have the program "Virtual Planetarium" somewhere, which I got from Leszek vel Buddek; I should turn it on sometime. There is especially this one star, which rises WWN , to the west and a little towards the north. It is very bright, it glimmers with many colors, from dark-blue to pink and I could swear that she smiled at me yesterday ... Because Luka was turning round and round all night, the fishing-rods got extremely tangled around the propeller screw .. I’m going to take care of that once I find the courage ...
Ps. Thanks to all for the holiday wishes .. ..I also wish you joyous and happy holidays

DAY 33

Sat Apr 07 17:02:16 2007 UTC - 7 44.01 S - 155 55.76 W

Again silence, at night I took down the rest of the sails, they rubbed against the stays with an unpleasant sound. After this Luka moved its side to the dead wave and we’re rocking, right to left, side to side. It’s a good opportunity to check if everything inside the yacht is well attached. We corrected our west course, we will remain in the neighborhood 10*S if nothing drives us away.

DAY 32

Fri Apr 06 16:55:30 2007 UTC - 7 16.26 S - 154 45.55 W

The wind disappeared somewhere, it’s hot, Wacek pulls out the dried out, stinking fish ex-flying, from some corners of the deck, he bites them, then comes and licks me ... I got burned by the sun yesterday, the sun is unmerciful here .. I forgot to put on my shirt, now I’m in pain, but it’s a pain I deserve, it’s not accompanied, at least, by the sense of unfairness ... What I could use right now is Beata’s gentle hands and aloe ... I have a craving for fresh fish, I wonder whether I should come nearer to one of the atolls, because this far from the shore the fish do not bait, only then the peace will end.. Maybe I’d rather open the canned food...


Thu Apr 05 17:55:56 2007 UTC - 6 59.40 S - 153 27.68 W

Nothing happened that’s worth writing about, besides that all is fine

DAY 30

Wed Apr 04 16:35:51 2007 UTC - 5 25.63 S - 152 0.64 W

The wind came back to us today, but it brought with it a lot of moisture. It’s so hot and humid, that even a few minutes of work on the deck ends in a bucket of sweat and pulsating temples. Yesterday I drank a weekly supply of beer and in the breaks between fastening the center line, the transportation of the sail boom to the other side etc..I was cooling off with a little fan I found somewhere in the engine room. Soon the peace will end, we will enter the area of hundreds of islands, and it will be necessary to navigate among them, and with that will come the stress not to damage any of them...

DAY 29

Tue Apr 03 17:17:29 2007 UTC - 4 8.21 S - 151 0.04 W

Don't praise the day before twilight or wife while she lives... Yesterday I was naively charmed by the wind on this width, today we float on a dead wave, and the pots are flying about the kitchen. Luka rocks from side to side as if drunk, Wacek looks comically when he marches in inclination of 30 degrees to the floor. Fish still do not take and the beer is warm, the dolphins visited us again, this time it was still light but it’s difficult to use the digital camera, with this damn delay, and catch an opportune moment... Next time I will use the video camera, maybe then I can select the right frame on the computer...

DAY 28

Mon Apr 02 18:04:43 2007 UTC - 2 1.13 S - 149 52.41 W

The world on this side is not much different than on the other. Besides, the water in the toilet is spinning to the left. Different than on the northern hemisphere.

I was thinking how to get to 10 degrees faster... I was going as far south as possible, but mama ocean likes us and the wind is nice and moving us to the west.

I have a lot of books on the boat which unfortunately is forcing me to turn on the inverter. Thanks to my friend Przemek, I have the software Expressivo which 'reads' text. All day yesterday, I was converting textbooks to mp3 files using beautiful 'Agata's' voice.

DAY 27

Sun Apr 01 18:27:34 2007 UTC - 0 0.34 S - 148 28.09 W

Soon we will cross the equator and I have the big, thick envelope from my German friend Paul which I "can open after we cross". I was expecting to some instruction and some funny, sailor rituals. This is old sailor tradition, when the crew dresses-up as Greek gods. Those who cross the first time are 'tortured' and their heads are shaved with a big razor. No, nothing of it... but... we have Wacek... He is virgin too and never crossed the equator. Poor Wacek, he would remember it for the end of his dog life. And he would never go out on the deck again...

When I opened the sealed envelope, I saw 'Hustler, Magazine for Gentleman'. Paul is good. This is a good gift, in this geographical location.

Counting down..5,4,3,2,1...  position 00’00*000 N